Mortar Ammunition recognition :-P

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Fat_Cav, Mar 2, 2011.

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  1. It appears that the Libyan's have caches of British munitions. No surprise there, but how long have they had them?

    I'm no spotter, but after several years counting, banding and humping all natures of LSA, I've never seen 81mm (if it's what they are) in wooden containers.

    So, can anyone out there possibly say if I'm a forgetful old sod or if they're pre-late 80's from where my mortar munitions starts from.

    Proper images at 1min 45 secs
    BBC News - Libya ammunition dump avoids air attack

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  2. Fcuked if i know but i was wondering when we'd hear a fcuk off big bang while Simpson was pissing about with all that gear. Mind you i can't help but confess to a semi woodie when he showed all the kit available buckshee cos no-one was guarding it. Wouldn't mind an AK or two for household duties. Shame there's no Ryanair to Tripoli atm.
  3. It's going back a bit, but I seem to recall Ilum being packed in similar cardboard tubes and may well have come in a wooden case. But they were made in France.

    But the bombs don't match late 70's stuff, British HE and smoke had 6 fins on the tail, I think Ilum had 8 fins. And the fuzes don't match those of the late 70's either, when L35 (pointy) and DA162 (stubby cylinder) were the flavour of the day.
  4. Iranian made (AMIG)106mm Recoilless Rifle HEAT round @ 1:11
  5. Thats American 81mm HE, It has the American M935 fuze on it and thats the way American HE comes packed
  6. Schaden

    Schaden LE Book Reviewer

    Lol looks awfully South African...2nd look - yes South African 81mm, that little circular dial is to change from instantaneous to delayed for use on buildings - it's pre 1980 stuff, after 1980 it came in plastic tubes.
  7. It's not fuzed M935.

    Stick to yomping, or whatever it is you ladies do.
  8. Looks more like a Russian fuze than the M935
  9. V19P fuzes with South African 81mm HE.
  10. Could be as IIRC markings are wrong for British 81 - yellow band is above the obturating ring (may be wrong, senile dementure) and dont recognize the fuze at all. If its British why does he not show any markings to prove this is the case, its not like our ammo isn't covered in them? Before you say it I can't make any out from the video.

    So any advance on aberspr's post.
  11. To echo dingerr - No

    60mm Mortar Ammunition And Fuzes
  12. You used ASH, didn't you?
  13. There's no way it's 60mm unless of course the guy holding the round in the picture has hands like a child
  14. You're making me moist ;)

    It looks the right size for 80/81mm mortar.
  15. That's a pretty crap attempt at getting a bite dinger! However instead of looking at the picture on my phone and now looking at it on a computer screen I agree it's definately not fused m935.

    Is that avatar you have a scouts badge for lighting fires?