Morse ? Dont be daft grandpa.....

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Goatman, Oct 3, 2008.

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  1. Completely redundant

  2. I read about it somewhere...hang

  3. essential skill...get some!

  4. The dullest topic posted yet....

  5. something I ought to know...but...

  1. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

  2. Essential skill. Carrier wave is the only comms in a post EMP environment.
  3. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

    I was mildly appalled to discover that even my tongue-sticking-out-Neanderthal 10 wpm by flashing light is considered 'obsolescent' in the Army.........when they take ten inch projectors off the bridge wings of Her Madge's ocean greyhounds I'll know I'm a dinosaur(instead of just feeling like it.....)
  4. No, no, no, its like JMH replaced by IT
  5. good link BTW
  6. How sad am I.....pencil and paper poised I couldnt get much of that down. Must get myself some morse training tapes.... FPLUXY and all that
  7. I am aware that many of you will shout "feck off, you old cnut" but it

    works and it works well. Fine with all this satellite technology, but what

    happens when you are all blasting shoite out of each others satellites?

    Of course I understand that Army communications have moved on

    tremendously....but, if all else fails, this works.

    In my opinion, some blokes should be taught it. Young blokes in their

    teens pick it up very quickly and it stays with them for life.

    It is as easily taught as first aid or driving, not expensive and you could

    encourage some blokes to keep their skills up on Ham nets.

    It is the DUTY of the Corps to provide the comms that the rest of the

    Army relies on

    This is no more than making sure that someone can do

    something when all else fails.

    You can take the piss all you want, I only offer the suggestion because

    when the chips are down, I want my side to win. :D

    Edited to add, Feck knows why gaps keep appearing in my typing.
  8. A post on Morse code by Chocolate Frog, QRM1, at 25wpm.



    .. ..

    .. ..

    -... -

    The Morse characters were all correct, but didn´t match up to what was on the screen of the "handy".

    I haven´t been on an operational link for about ten years now, but can still take the Code. (albeit much slower, and with occaisional requests for resends, aka winding the tape back :D )

    It is a skill that SHOULD be ratained.

    Morse can get through with the most simplest of equipment, even when the sattelites and phone masts are all gone.

    This might raise a giggle for some of you technophiles out there.

    Morse operators send message quicker than a pair of lads can send a text message!

    Morse Code, sorts the real communicators out from the rest. :) The only downside is that it takes a lot of training and constant practice to maintain the skills as shown in the clip above.

    (Yes, I was an RTG! 24wpm send AND receive, got a C&G certificate somewhere to prove it).

    -... -
  9. Hi Chocolate Frog. I must admit that I did not click onto the link as I am

    on 'dial up' and the download takes forever.

    Interesting re the comparative speeds. Good luck.
  10. I loved morse,ye olde 128 jungle set was good in it's day,it meant the operator was king,and the ruperts couldn't use you as a walking telephone box :D :D
  11. Bowmore_Assassin

    Bowmore_Assassin LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Morse is a good skill for rad ops to have. Mine used it on Op GRANBY - operationally essential on a particular cr*ppy night. When everything else goes to ratsh*t, it works.
  12. -.-- --- ..- / ... .- -.. / -.-. ..- -. - ... --..-- / --. . - / .- / .-.. .. ..-. . .-.-.-
  13. The video of morse in to SMS is giggle, it doesn´t actually happen (or at least wouldn´t i the video).

    Sporadic EEEEEEE!!! :)

    A good operator gets it through no matter what. That is why we invented the Q codes "QRM 5" and "ZBM 2" :wink:

    It´s all about changing frequencies as needed, you need lot´s of available frequencies and a good station to decide to change when comms goes abit.

    By the way.

    Re Morse V SMS. The message "I just saved a bunch of money on my car insurance" took 18 seconds to send (approx). I assume that in that time the SMS message hadn´t even been finished. IIRC correctly speed is worked out by the number of 5 letter blocks that is sent in the time frame.

    In this case the Operator managed a respectable 26wpm (*/-)
  14. .... --- .-- / -.. .- .-. . / -.-- --- ..- / -.-. .- .-.. .-.. / -- . / .- / ... .- -.. / -.-. ..- -. - / -.-- --- ..- / .--. .. . -.-. . / --- ..-. / --- .-. -.. ..- .-. . .-.-.- / .. / .- -- / --- ..- - .-. .- --. . -.. .-.-.- / -- --- .-. ... . / -.-. --- -.. . / .. ... / .- -. / . ... ... . -. - .. .- .-.. / ... -.- .. .-.. .-.. / . ...- . -. / .. ..-. / -.-- --- ..- .. / -.-. .- -. / --- -. .-.. -.-- / - .-. .- -. ... -- .. - / ... / --- / ...
  15. Learnt morse back in the day when you still had to as well as TG procedure. On my tradeboard exam at Harrogate I had a fella called Chippy Wood who intimidated the hell out of me! Actually, is there anyone here who went to Harrogate for their training remember a civvie instructor called Jack something who claimed his dog could recieve morse at 18's?

    Never really used morse in anger on Ops, although I did find a use for it the other day. Managed to tell a mate of mine who had taught himself basic morse outside of the army that I thought his new missus was a pain in the arse when she was sat next to us.

    Saves spending 18 months learning "durka durka" languages to achieve the result!