Morrissons Unsmoked Drycure Rindless Streaky Bacon rashers

Discussion in 'Cookery' started by msr, Feb 23, 2009.

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  1. msr

    msr LE

    At last, bacon which goes crisp, rather than trying to boil itself due to the addition of so much water.

    What a relief.

  2. You haven't been looking hard enough. Sainsbury's and Marks have always had good bacon, but my local butcher, who buys local produce, does it better (not smoked, unfortunately, though).
  3. Totally agree msr... Back in the 'old days' in NI we used to get bacon (from the butcher who put it through a slicer while you waited) which was good stuff. Later the pre processed packaged bacon was OK as well however when I moved over to Jock land some years ago I could not find bacon that contained a trace of fat. It was full of water - The stuff boiled and left a white scum in the pan (yes it was the bacon)

    Now however I have found good old fashioned bacon, but not Morrisons, which behaves as it should. Lovely!

    What about Lorne Sausage? Fries up a treat and just the thing to go with bacon for brekkie along with egg, haggis, potato bread, soda bread, mushroom .... ........ ...... ...... .....
  4. msr

    msr LE

    I served roast camembert with soda farls and potato scones the other night.

    Went down a treat :)

  5. I can imagine.....................The cue to the twallets, or some frenchy shithouse.
  6. Got a H Fearnley Whittingstall book for Christmas, one article is how to make bacon.
    Now onto the 2nd batch, all who've tasted it rave about it.
    It's so simple, you wouldn't believe it.
    Get a large piece of belly pork, get the butcher to cut off the ribs ( slice up and put in a poly bag with spare- rib sauce, lovely roasted), this time, I've taken off the skin as well, you can even roast this for crackling.
    Get a plastic or non- metallic dish, then rub the pork in a mix of 400gms of salt, 400 gms of Demerera sugar, 6 crumbled bay leaves and some cracked peppercorns.
    Just rub in enough to cover, take out every 24 hours, pat dry in kitchen roll, wash out the dish and dry, then rub in a little more of the mix.
    After 5- 6 days, soak in cold water for 4 hours, cut off a small slice, fry and taste, then soak for longer if too salty.
    Dry it, I find the best way to keep it is to slice with a razor- sharp knife, divide into portions, then place on cling- film, roll, then another portion, then another etc.
    Great for sarnies, Pasta Carbonara etc.
    Bought the belly in a freezer centre, cost just over £1 a pound
  7. 5-6 DAYS? And that's easy?
    I find it a bit easier to go to the shop and buy some. You loon! :wink:

    Waitrose do a nice streaky (by Denhay, not their own make) that goes really crispy, and being streaky it's actually reasonably cheap.
  8. Sorry, I missed out something important... yes you can get it in the shops, tasty, no white scum of water/ polyphosphate, but even the best firms ( see the making bacon section on Denhays) still use a mix of salt and nitrites (saltpetre) for the curing.
    Nitrites give a longer lasting cure, but is also linked to bowel cancer.
    Time is nothing, half hour to prepare, 5 mins every day to re- rub, then half hour to slice, wrap in portions and freeze.
    Just had some for lunch, lovely.....

  9. As an aside Morrison also do a good black pudding- bits of barley in. I believe that it is from Northern Ireland. I have also tried Morrison dry cured just like bacon used to be.
  10. Get off your arrses and find yourself a quality independent butcher,better customer service,better produce and better prices.Will cut it as you ask for it and it is probably fresher.Keep it local you know it makes sense.
  11. I do use the butchers (2 different ones) near me for sausages, bacon, and even stilton(!) and it's a very good point.
    But there's not really much use in people reccomending their local butchers to other people on here is there? There might conceivably be a distance issue! :wink:

    I think the idea was to let others know what is available in certain supermarkets just in case they don't have a local butcher.

    By the way, speaking of distance, some of the farmers markets on the Isle of Wight (if you ever get over there) do some of the best pork products I've ever tasted. There's one at Godshill farm that is amazing and they do mail order.
  12. Ah, RUR man.
    I was in the Museum off Waring Street only this time yesterday, first time for a few years.
    Sir Gerald Templar, Blair Mayne of course, and Stanley Burrows (with the bike he dragged up a D-Day beach).
    Also, what I hadn't previously realised - Labalaba, and Terence Otway.
    Great names.

    Also a lovely letter from a Professor in Korea - acknowledging that as a child in 1951, his life had been saved by an Ulster Rifleman in a foxhole somewhere over there.

    The Belfast War Museum, which used to be in front, has moved now to Talbot Street.
  13. Take your point Mugatu2
    It is worth sourcing out a good butcher and a lot on here probably have one closer than they think it's just become habit to use the supermarket,a word I fcuking hate as there is fcuk all super about them.Watchdog wasted the best part of a whole programme on them last night,would have rather they tried to raise the profile of the independents(greengrocers,butchers.fishmongers grocers & delis)