Morrissey v The Guardian

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by johnnyonthespot, Dec 2, 2007.

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  1. Saw this article where Morrissey gave an interview to the NME and spoke his mind about immigration and the effect on the UK. The journalist has then slagged him off in the Guardian aswell but journo has got slated by guardian readers in the comments section (which was nice).

    Maybe general arrse references to 'guardian readers' needs to be revised? :wink:

  2. I'm a die hard smiths/morrisey fan who got things the first time round, listen to 'paint a vulgar' picture and take a step back from reality tv then smash it!, the closest you'll get anyehere near that is radcliffe and mcConie~(sic?) spreading as near to a musical gospel as it gets, as for mozza,i believe he's well informed and spemds alot of his time thinking before speaking, so surely there is some credence? no ? let's all rush out and buy mohammed-bears for christmas then.............
  3. I read Morrissey's comments in this weeks NME. I didnt agree with them..... at all, but it seems that Tim Jonze is trying hard to misrepresent Morrissy's view as scarily right wing. This could be because Morrissey saying something controversial is good copy and/or being the journo that exposed and brought down such a horrible racist (cos lets face it thats what Jonze is implying) is too good an opportunity to miss. Well I dont think he is a racist, just somebody voicing concerns that most people in their 40's and 50's , in my experiance do, namely that this country is going to the dogs and being (cue shrill Mail readers..) "drowned" under a flood of immigrants. B*llocks, utter b*llocks. What Mozza said was naive and unworthy of such an intelligent artist but sadly is typical of his age group.
  4. post removed. repeated myself....doh!!!
  5. I'm not sure why his opinions are being given so much air time, his opinion is but one of millions and no more or less interesting.. Of course, if you have an agenda..
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    Don't we all?
  7. Not as such, but I do have a list of things to do today!!!!!!