Morris dancing for horses

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by sunnoficarus, Jul 29, 2012.

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  1. Dressage? Oh look! A skipping horse.

    Bloody silly thing if you ask me.
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  2. It does seem a tad pointless. Riding horses is a waste of perfectly good dog food.
  3. Don't mess with Brenda's Grandaughter's chosen sport.
  4. Next Olympics - Fly Fishing.
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  5. Are you hoping that the Womens volley ball team will go fishing in your fly :plotting:
  6. If memory serves, I think it originates from the gee-gee kung fu that war horses were taught back in medieval or Renaissance times.

    [Edited to add]

    It was -

    "The Renaissance gave rise to a new and more enlightened approach to riding, as a part of the general cultivation of the classical arts. By the Victorian age, indoor riding had become a sophisticated art, with both rider and horse spending many years perfecting their form. Gueriniere, Eisenberg, Andrade and Marialva wrote treatises on technique and theory during these periods.

    The horses were trained to perform a number of airs above the ground (or "sauts d'école") movements, which could enable their riders to escape if surrounded, or to fight more easily. These included movements such as levade, capriole, courbette, and ballotade. Movements still seen today in competitive dressage include the piaffe, passage, and half-pass."
  7. I hope the Mormon one wins.
  8. Other half (a horsey type) had this on yesterday afternoon, seems like they had to walk around in circles for a while.
  9. It does usually take the horses a while to get the riders switched on.
  10. Equestrian Features Gay Gal Versus Romney Gal In Olympics Dressage
    Well it's an angle.
  11. They female riders do look very spanky though, to be fair.
  12. So Dessage, like Ballet Dancing, (another pointless activity), was invented by the Phrench?

  13. The Afghan entry is bit more manly.
  14. [deep sarcasm]This horse dancing thing is just so athletic! Certainly compares with the track and field events, deffinately tops the cycling and swimming and is such a fine example of endurance. I bet all the rowers wish they were up to it! [/deep sarcasm]

    Strikes me that it's a hang over from days of having to get patronage from "wealthy, landowning upper class snobby types" and putting on an event for their horsey interests. I have always been surprised that Fox hunting isn't an olympic sport.

    Of course this is just my opinion based on my own prejudices and doesn't represent the views of the London 2012 Olympic Organising Committee, who can all enter the running jump for all care!

  15. Where was that photo taken..... Tower Hamlets?
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