Morris Dancers

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Howler, Feb 22, 2010.

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  1. A glorious tradition, hailing back to a bygone age, participants revelling in connecting the past with the present. Cheering crowds, uniquely British, celebrating 600 years of Morris history.......

    ......or a bunch of cnuts
  2. Most of em good lads who score very well with the tourist ladies and who, for the most part, can put away their fair share of scrumpy. Let em be I say, it's a tradition (albeit one that might be less than 100 years old) but it's a bit o fun and it's harmless. Unless you piss them off in a quiet Somerset village and they get the straw dolls out. Ooo er.
  3. Cnuts. Utter, total, worthless cnuts. If God meaat us to do Morris dancing, why did he invent disco, the bogle, the running man or breakdancing? I used to have a pub near Henley, had to run a days hospitality with catering for the Oxfordshire morris men-was initially glad to do it, wanted the business-a bigger bunch of freaks I've never met...I think it was when they expected me to build a bridge over the giant rain puddle between the pub and the train station my patience wore thin, I don't know if they expected me to whip out my trusty AVLB or something...they weren't even big drinkers or anything, just a very sad bunch of posh tw@@@@ts living in the middle ages!
  4. And thats the other side of the story :lol: :lol:
  5. British? Fcuking British? :omfg:

    When was the last time you saw 'Welsh' morris dancers, let alone bloody Scots!

    Morris dancing is for petticoat -wearing, shandy-drinking, ice and a slice ENGLISH poofters!

    So please desist from speading this pox-ridden disease west and north to territories that don't give a damn about 1966 and football coming home!
  6. ooer, could cause lots of complaints from our "POLYCHROME" brethren, the lot I saw on the video clip were "blacking up"!! Surely enough to bring down the wrath of "Trevor Phillips" & his racial equality team!
  7. I've heard it said the Morris Dance has Sir Oswald Mosley to thank for its survival. He saw that English Folk songs were being claimed by the Left and thought that he ought to do something about it...

    I might hesitate to say that to some of the thugs from Victory Morris :lol:

    Seeing that everyone seems so keen to get involved here is an easy dance to start with Victory Morris dance The Postman's Knock
  8. Was the term "Morris" not actually derived from a form of religious celebration originally known as "Moorish", and brought to the British Isles from the region now known as Spain ( then Islamic and peopled by Moors!!!!) by itinerant immigrants?
    Are there any true historians of this now harmless form of entertainment out there?
  9. I met a group of Morris Men who "blacked up" at a canal festival a few years ago.
    I asked them about that and they said it was from "Moorish Dancers" that became corrupted into "Morris". They maintained that Mary, Queen of Scots' last words were "Please save my Moorish Dancers". I don't know how true that is though.

    They were all f**king big cnuts and, Christ, could they drink? They started first thing in the AM and kept going all day. They kept their tankards on chains attached to themselves at all times. They had brought their own barrels of beer with them as well.

    I have seen "folk" dance all over the world but would have to say that this lot were genuinely scary to watch. There was a a palpable aura of menace from them when they gave their performances

    I believe the other origin of "blacking up" was from the Lancashire Clog Dancers who would "Black up" to avoid being identified by the local employers
  10. Was it bo££ocks it was "Hope that axe is sh......." :x
  11. B_AND_T

    B_AND_T LE Book Reviewer

    That's rich coming from a nation where the national dress is a skirt.
  12. Ahem!

  13. A wise man once said, "You should try everything Life offers you at least once.....

    except incest and Morris Dancing."

  14. Id f"ck that up, Id better stay stood by the bar with something to hold on too..
  15. I think thats one of George Orwells.