Morris Dancers? Eh?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Hitlerwasabitnaughty, Dec 16, 2005.

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  1. Just seen some of these numpties on the old Idiot Box and they have always ranked along Pearly Kings and Queens to my Scottish mind. I find Morris "men" somewhat effeminately sinister and disturbing. Like the aforementioned Pearly Royalty what's the point of them and what purpose do they serve? 8O :?

    Anyone care to explain? Any explanations gratefully read.
  2. At least they don't wear fcuking tartan skirts......and for the most part, they dance a bit, sort of.
  3. And this from someone whose male national costume is a skirt?
  4. Not only do you wear skirts but you skip gayly around your swords while someone blows off a cat making it squeal the most dreadful tones!

    But the pearly kings and queens, WTF? I just can't argue with you!
  5. I regret that the England Rugby Union team just stand there looking mean when the Kiwis do their Haka - England should get some Morris Dancing kit on and really take the piss out of the banished criminal element down under. OK, maybe not, but jeez it would be a rilght old giraffe - just the once mind.
  6. Come on - doesn't anyone have a sensible explanation?
  7. Your in luck

    Forms of folk dance can claim pre-Christian origins and may have developed as a means of ensuring fertility of the soil, crops and animals when the survival of whole communities depended on the fortune of the crops. The ritual elements of its origins can still be seen in the dances today the clockwise circle to represent the sun, crouching down, leaping in the air and banging sticks on the ground to encourage the crops to grow. Handkerchiefs are waved, bells ring and sticks are clashed to ward off evil spirits.
  8. Polar69

    You may just have talked me into taking it up (so to speak). I was looking for a new past time.

    Would they allow me to wear black - instead of white?


  9. Well I like watching morris dancers - it is fun sitting outside a pub on a beautiful summer day watching something so English - please don't knock our traditions - there are enough people doing that already!
  10. Well spoken, Poppy.

    Now, back to the black issue.
    Possibly the oldest form of Morris dancing and the most like the original pre-Christian dances. The black face may depict Moors or Arabs and may be the origin of the word Morris or "Moorish" or may be to give dancers anonymity and therefore add mystery. As the pagan origins of this style of dancing were more obvious the church and state did their best to suppress it.

    Although Morris dancing had developed into a harmless rustic entertainment it was vigorously prohibited by the Puritans, in Oliver Cromwell's time. The Morris had virtually died out in villages and country areas but at the time of the Restoration of the monarchy, when Charles II claimed the throne, his ministers revived dancing to recreate the "Merrie England" of the past. Nowhere was the revival more enthusiastic than the Cotswolds, always a region of staunch support for royalty and these dances developed into the Cotswold style of Morris, one of the major traditions surviving today.

    Close enough ?

    Perhaps an "arrse morrise dancing team" ?
  12. It's close enough for me - and I very much like your idea and I know that Steed would also be interested. I'll go and dust off my melodian, now.

  13. "

    can we make it tag????

  14. I understand there is tradionalist objection to women Morris 'men'. So, delights of thong judging from the sideline are denied. However, they will still be needed to drive us home after real ale has been drunk.
  15. I can't really help with the why problem. However what i can tell you is that Morris Dancing is the only form of public entertainment that you do not require an entertainments licence under the licensing act 2005. I have no idea what use that information is to anyone but there you go. Something to do with morris dancing being covered under common law and the licensing act woud have contradicted it so the lords in their wisdom just ignored it and kept a law that has been in place for hundreds of years.