Morris 1000 Traveller & Morris 1000 4 Door - free to good home

I've owned these two cars for over 20 odd years now meaning to get them restored at some time. The truth is I'm never going to get around to it, so they've got to go. Both have been stored in one of my old lock-up's for around 15-18 years but the roof has collapsed (old tin sheets) and I need to get the garage rebuilt properly to store a couple of other cars in.

I haven't seen them for at least 10 years so I don't know the condition - my mate who looks after my vehicles is back next Tuesday 9th July to open up the garage and that'll be the first time we'll be able to see what shape they'll be in...but it won't be good. I've got the original documents and probably the keys somewhere, but I can't promise.

Before anyone gets carried away with the idea of restoring them there's a few things to consider:

1 - I need these cars to be gone by Friday 12th July or very soon after, they will need to go on a low loader or similar.
2. Both were running and in goodish condition when they went in but they have been stored in a leaky lock-up for nearly two decades so might well be beyond repair. I won't know until we open the garage
3. It's not going to be cheap to remove them (I'm in CF42) so no dreamers please, unless you're serious about wanting them then don't waste your and my time.
4. Happy to answer any questions but don't please don't **** me about - serious enquiries only. If there's no-one interested I'll 'phone the scrappy.


Jesus Christ - this was supposed to go in the 'cars & vehicles' section.
Mate, with a sales pitch like that, I'm sure they will be queueing down the street to take these off your hands.

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