morphine autoinjector nsn: 6505-99-147-0945

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by region2, Mar 13, 2011.

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  1. Just been told the training injectors cost over £250 quid EACH. That's a lot of light bulbs! ;-)

    Can someone who knows what they're talking about confirm or deny this please? Or have I got the NSN for a different item?


  2. Cue Q..............
  3. Speak to your QM's Dept, they will know. They have to have access to the costs of all materiel for calculating write-off values. If they are too expensive, are you going to stop using them?
  4. It was the RQMS who gave me the cost - it's a beeping little thing made of plastic so some mistake surely!

  5. Plastic tube 2pence, Spring inside at MOD procurement price £149.98pence. Construction and shipping £100.
  6. Got 10 at my last unit no hassle - this time I was allowed one but need to keep it behind glass it seems.

    691001-555-7611 Morphine Training Device Analgesic Auto-Injector Drill <-- Apologies - this is the one that cost the money - what's the difference?

  7. Can anyone help please?

  8. It costs £15 for the real thing with 10mg of Morphine in.
  9. That does seem a tad too much. It is quite difficult to get prices for some medical supplies. The best I can do at the moment is tell you that about 18 months ago they cost 6.70. I would be very surprised if they had increased to over £250.00!



    PS. Just to clear it up:

    6910 01 555 6911 Training Device Morphine (for training)

    6505 99 147 0945 Morphine Sulphate 10 m/g Auto Injector Syringe with Needle (the real thing!)
  10. Can't the UK make a Training Device Morphine (for training) then ?
  11. I'd get a picture of one and demonstrate with a biro.
  12. I've got the NSN on an official receipt with bar codes and everything so somehow that price has been set up - they even rang Bicester to check. I have 11 to play with so not quite at the biro stage yet!