"Morpheus Rising" single aims to provide Help for Heroes

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by PoisonDwarf, Oct 17, 2008.

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  1. From the Yorkshire Post - 17 Oct 08 - Band's single aims to provide 'Help for Heroes'

    More excellent Help For Heroes stuff....

    Keep up the great work Graeme.
  2. Good tune too!
  3. I just been listening to some of the demos on their site. Good sound. I will be buying the EP and/or single on release. :D
  4. If you join the site (www.morpheusrising.co.uk), they've just added a new page to the members area with an interview being broadcast next week, and a bloopers reel from the video for the charity track... obviously not enough work on at 4 Mech!!
  5. Hopefully the guys will get in touch with Soldier Magazine too.
  6. Ah! That's where being in the forces has it's advantages :) My unit's Media Ops team are already on the case...

    Appeared in The Northern Echo and The Yorkshire Post last week and we're on GarrisonFM (106.9FM in the Catterick area or http://www.garrisonfm.com, second only to Radio1 in listeners in the region apparently!!) at 09:30 hours on Monday 20th October. In addition the story has been sent to SOLDIER magazine, The Sun, BBC Radio (a possible interview next week!) and some more that I can't recall at the moment as my head's spinning that fast!!

    To be honest, it's bloody mindboggling!! (And so's the impending plethora of cratings!! Trying to compete with Dinger Bell's six page spread in the latest Wire ;) )

    supporting HELP for HEROES
  7. Do you know, that's pretty damn good.
  8. Ok, so you can all stop wondering what the song is actually like!!

    We've posted the promotional video in several locations, take your pick :)

    http://www.morpheusrising.co.uk/anordinarymaninfo.cfm (Our own site, where you'll be able to buy the single on the 27th October!!)


    http://uk.youtube.com/user/MorpheusRisingHQ (We've also added the blooper reel here, and linked to a video which explains the original idea behind HELP for HEROES)

    Hope you like it :?

    supporting HELP for HEROES
  9. Guys,

    Just a quick note to say thanks... 'An Ordinary Man' is the 55th most played UK music video on YouTube today... and ARRSE had more to do with than anything else...

    I'm humbled...

    supporting HELP for HEROES

    P.S. if you're a member of the Morpheus Rising site the single is available to buy from http://www.morpheusrising.co.uk/anordinaryman from midnight tonight!!
  10. Bought it, downloaded it, listening now. :D
  11. I'm "stickying" the thread so that we can push the track to no 1 (let's face it, if that Peter Kay sheite can make it to no 1 then an "arrse" buying campaign should be able to do it).
  12. Have spread the word on a couple of other sites I frequent.
  13. purchased - listening now :D
  14. Joined, downloaded and unashamedly sent out an invite to all my facebook friends to do the same.