Morons on the road - Rant

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Pacifist_Jihadist, Jan 5, 2009.

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  1. Sorry in advance for ranting i do full expect this to get shelved by a mod. But im needing to know if im alone in this, or if all the morons on the road breed solely in my area.

    The current inepts annoying me are the people driving at 40mph on national limit roads, the nice wide straight ones where they should be zooming along. What is it with the same people then going through 30 zones still at 40?

    Also why cant people use indicators? I dont mean at roundabouts, you can tell from how people drive where they are going. I mean the ones that actually bother to use them at roundabouts/junctions but then leave them blinking for the next mile down the road. Cant they hear and see the indicator on the dash going off incessantly?

    Im just back from a friends house and they seemed to be out in force, hence this post and rant. So am i an exceedingly grumpy git? Or is there truth to be had?
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  2. of course - if only we all had the telepathy chip installed - people not indicating properly at roundabouts is a huge cause of accidents
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  3. Fancy leaving your indicator flashing-inconsiderate barsteward. Why can't you just not signal like the rest of us?!
  4. Badly put on my part, but i was meaning the blatantly obvious cases. 3 exit roundabout, person at the exit to your right is sitting on the far left of his lane and person behind him is on the far right of it. Hmmmm i wonder what ways they are going.

    I meaning for a mile down the road after turning. I watch somebody in front of me a few weeks ago drive past 3 junctions with the left indicator still flashing, a few cars nearly pulled out in front of him.
  5. its the 'middle lane morons' that bug me. how fcuking hard is it to drive in the correct lane on a motorway!!

    also, is it me or are there many more vehicles on the roads with wonky headlights?
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  6. Hmm, I wonder what the highway code says about signalling? Hmm, I wonder how many people cut across lanes on a roundabout. Hmmm...
  7. Aha! My favourite motoring gripe! Case in question is the A5 Edgeware Road (northbound) where it meets the North Circular. The roundabout has four exits and the third exit divides immediately into two - one for the M1 and one for the North Circ eastbound. Not only do pillocks use the left-hand entry to turn into the North Circ eastbound (using 270 degrees of the roundabout and preventing everybody else from exiting onto the M1), but they also get grumpy when I push them into the kerb. The sign above the left-hand entry tells them that the lane is for west-bound or back onto the road that they've just left. Cnuts!
  8. Mongo

    Mongo LE Reviewer

    Cyclists who cycle in pairs piss me off, unless they're close together.

    And the other day, on a country road, I rounded a bend and there were 15-20 of the bastards in a huge group, taking up the entire other side of the road.

  9. I have 3 blood boiling pet hates:
    1: People not indicating at roundabouts. This is just ignorant, people floating along thinking nobody is waiting to pull out after they pass.
    2: People going to 2mph to take a ramp. For fcuk sake, what you save on suspension you pay for in fuel/brake pads. Unless you have a ming vase on the roof, man up.
    3: People missing a headlamp. I drive mostly narrow backroads so I can never judge the size of a vehicle on its way towards me. Plus it looks like a motorbike

    Rant over, thanks for that.
  10. What about the loons who glue themselves to your bum and then screech past you, only to swerve back in directly in front of you, causing you to brake hard :twisted:

    Mind you, it does give me a giggle to see them still directly in front at the next set of red lights :lol:
  11. Not at all, just had this rant tonight myself after I'd driven back to camp, it seriously makes my piss boil. Also:

    - The utter tossers that pull out on you forcing you to slow down... when you've got a mile of clear road behind you. Especially when they don't bother to put their foot down and turn out to be one of the cock wranglers you mentioned that trundles along at 40-50 in a national.

    - Cnuts driving with their fog lights on when it's completely clear. They're fcuking everywhere... why?! It used to be just the chavvy boy racers in their shitbox Novas, now it's almost every other car on the road. I'm pretty sure that the fine for it's pretty high... unfortunately, speed cameras don't pick that up any better than they pick up a piss artist swerving along glued to his mobile. It doesn't make your car look smart. It dazzles other drivers and makes you look like a cnut. Is that what you want? To look like you're walting as a Barry boy?

    - I was going to say anyone that rides a bike in t-shirt and flipflops, but hell, if you want a nice dose of gravel rash to get scoured out then that's your look out. I'll stick with scooter riders instead. I wouldn't mind them riding like cnuts and getting spread across the asphalt, if when that happens they weren't grouped in with fully licenced bike riders in two-wheeled KSI (Killed/Seriously Injured) statistics. Thanks for pushing up my insurance premium, you brainless, hairdrier riding cnutbuckets.

    - Barry boys and any other Max Power reading chavscum... An exhaust the size of a dustbin will not make your 1.0 Corsa look Fast or Furious, or your vacant, acne-ridden face and Maccy D's physique resemble Vin Diesel, you cum-gargling wankweasels. Even when it costs double what your lame shitbox of a car did.
  12. People tail gating me in a 30mph zone; normally the same half wits who drive at 40mph everywhere. I find slowing down to 25mph really does the trick then flooring it as soon as you reach the national speed limit.

    D1ckheads who slow down to look at accidents causing huge tail backs and more accidents. Rather than spending thousands on speed cameras a better way to prevent accidents would be to have a 12ft high fence down the central reservation so people won't rubber neck.

    Mongs sitting in the middle lane.

    Mongs sitting in the outside lane at 65mph.

    People in the wrong lane at roundabouts and those who don't indicate. The mother of one of my brothers ex girlfriends thought that you only had to be in the left hand lane when going left and if you were going straight over you should be in the right hand lane. I wonder how many people she has cut off?
  13. Don't know about that but these tw*ts that have their front fog lights on ALL the feckin' time, even on bright sunny mornings, annoy me...cnuts!

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    Oh yes, to the tw*t in the BMW who cut me up on the roundabout near Oswestry, you know you were in the wrong lane, you did NOT indicate and you zoomed off like a boy racer. Shame you got stuck in the traffic so I caught you up 5 minutes later and then beat you to just goes to show that being a boy racer does not get you there faster.

  14. Indicaters are an optional extra if you buy a car around the Pompey area
  15. I'm surprised they'd all be out on the roads at 0004; seems a bit late.

    People who can't look ahead and anticipate wind me up. It's perfectly safe for much of the time to drive without braking simply by anticipating and letting the speed drop off as you approach an obstacle. Yesterday I was driven by someone who drove like a man possessed along the straights, slammed on the anchors right before a bend and ended up trying to steer and change gear at the same time. He also remarked that he was convinced the car manufacturer was lying about the stated fuel consumption; he'd never got anywhere near that high. I wonder why :roll: