MoronPutin is angry at the artice in the Washington Post

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by KGB_resident, Jun 24, 2011.

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  1. Will Putin be a Russian czar or a U.S. partner? - The Washington Post

    Robert Kagan wrote

    There are some factual mistakes in the article but main points are too obvious to contest them.

    However the Washington Post has received a repaly

    A distorted portrait of Russia - The Washington Post

    Maybe mr.Putin is not the most comfortable Russia's leader for Washington but... ironically another president (someone who really can be elected) could be much worse.
  2. Sergey, that is an op-ed piece and not something typically endorsed as truth or even valid.

    In the US we have a saying about opinion. "Opinions are like assholes. Everyone has one and most of them stink..."

    But in all seriousness, is there even a minor concern that such revolutionary thoughts would or could reach russia or is the guy simply blowing smoke?
  3. It is indeed a very unusual situation Ghost. A private opinion published in one of American newspapers that doesn't contain anything new has been answered by Putin's secretary.

    Can you imagine that Obama's secretaty comments a private opinion of Russian author in Russian newspaper?

    I think the article touched some sensitive points, exposed a weakness of Putin's regime.

    As I have said there is no anything new in the article. Being compared with some Russian publications, the article contains merely soft weighted tactfull critical comments, no more.

    But only a minority follows the critical publications and vast number of Raussians simply don't care or/and are brainwashed by TV, by Putin's agitprop.

    In fact Putin's thieving corrupted gang in the most pro-Western political force with a real ability to run the country. Putin frequently plays anti-americanism card but has he done anything that really harmed American interests? It looks as no.
  4. I would suspect you are right, but an opinion posted in the news paper is not unusual at all. It's very common in the US and called the "OP-ED" section. I don't think there's anything insidious about it, just a guy or editor wanting to speak out about it. They do it all the time and discussion ranges from the price of tacos to geo-politics.
  5. Agreed ghost_us, but Kagan is not the usual "no-brains journo" but has rather strong links into the Republican Party and a very strong reputation among US foreign policy circles. Perhaps that is why the Kremlin has responded.
  6. As for the opinions then they appear in the Russian mass media as well. One of the most remarkable "opinion-makers" is Mikhail Leontyev.


    He is Jewish btw, as the majority of the most talented Russian journalists.

    Mikhail Leontyev - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Mr. Leontyev uses to make his comments (frequently on TV) in undiplomatic and sometimes rude manner. Many (including me)regards him as a Kremlin's mouthpiece and his comments show what the Putin's inner circle really thinks.


    Leontyev next to Putin (right hand)

    Leontyev's sharp tongue made him many enemies.

    I suspect that Putin's crew regards mr.Kagan as American 'Leontyev' and by the replay sent the 'message' to the American political elite.
  7. Agree. Could be a way of saying something without making it policy :)