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Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by morganic, Jul 11, 2009.

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  1. I train for 2 hours, 2 times a day 7 days a week. WHY ???? I want to be in the best condition i have ever been so that my comerades can rely on me when needs be. I don't question what the p.s.i asks me to do regarding my fittness levels because at the end of the day they say if i want the TA that badly i will do it... I am doing it and it's doing me good because i'm not some 18 year old who thinks joining the British Army be it TA or Reg's is one big fancy dress stint and an ego boost...

    I don't want to train 7 days a week, who does ?? But my determination is glowing because i want it that badly..

    I know for a fact that probably 6 out of 10 recruits will shit it when the realisation that they going to enter a war zone kicks in and it's a real job and not a ego trip to pull the birds...
    By increasing the pft to 2 times a year will also help them realise that being in te TA is not so much a hobby but a serious role.

    I want to be serving with fit and able men besides me who are switched on 24/7....

    The harder it is to earn one's bounty the better it will be for the army and bad news for the Taliban because we will be fitter and stronger to see them fookers off....

    Everything is done for a reason and those who have moaned about doing 2 pft's a year just prove that they after an easy ride and unfit for duty i think !!! It's about time that attitude was stopped because i would consider those people a liability if we were op's with them...
  2. Serious role? What, by passing the same test that a 17 year old recruit has to, to pass out of basic training?
  3. ============================================

    People are forgetting all the preperation needed because some people will be bricking it in case they fail...

    Anyway i would put money on it that the requiered time gets reduced to spice things up even more....
  4. Suddick, the point I'm making is that I have a busy job and a busy home life, but manage to fit in the phys without any structured PT at work. A TA soldier is not in a unique position. I don't know what you're getting all chippy about, unless it's pre-PFT nerves.
  5. We have also had your cutback as well, but with the BCDT thrown in. However we have to pass the PFTs.
  6. FFS! We now have age and sex related time differences and for the umpteen years I have been in, there has always been the magic pen for 'the right' people. It causes resentment and leads to a 'why the feck should I bother' attitude in some. There is blatant preference given to females in many units and ditto the fat knackers who are classed as 'enablers' :x It needs to be stamped out.

    If you can't do it, you shouldn't be in! Simples. However; I think the time has come to do away with age/ sex differing standards and have a role based system instead:
    Front line standard (Eg. Infantry/ other units likely to be deployed in direct combat/ front line role)
    REMF active:
    REMF inactive:
    Special forces: (set own standards)
    If you want to do a job, you have to be up to it, irrespective of age/ sex. If you are not, you get help and then, if no improvement have to take a posting to a new unit/ role/ or get kicked out.

    I am going to avoid making suggestions for who should fit in the REMF bit as I am quite attached to my testicles but you get the idea. 8)
  7. I'd be interested to know what this fitness regime consists of? Because I think you're a lying bastard. :wink:
  8. ==============================================

    It considts of getting fit....Some of us are fit enough to do so much and some like you just sit on your fat arse thinking " I wish i could do as much training as Morganic to shift some of beer & pie gut"

    I don't hav to justify myself to a no hoper like yourself fallsschirmjaer !! now go and troll somewhere else you fooking TA reject !!!

    What a lying bellend you are! Are you still a fat cunt? Made your BMI yet fatty!

    4 hours fitness 7 days a week! Elite athletes even have a day off from training you bellend. Anyone on here who knows anything about fitness knows you're talking fucking tosh.

    3 PARA is also a regular Battalion though a civvy like yourself probably wouldn't know.
  10. I call first wah
  11. Remf inactive? We have plenty of them in the regulars, fat wankers who are alledegly good at their job. Their job being sitting behind a desk getting evermore fatter. Kick them out as well.
  12. That was pretty much the policy in my unit 15 odd yrs ago

    I remember the day when the gym queens got a new toy that was to record everyone times, but the brain dead biff operating it added a minute to everyone's time, trust me to to take a leisurely 9.40 to run it in only to have my arrse chewed by the TSM for "failing" so a whole bunch of us turned up for remedial PT only to get fecked off by the duty PTI as he knew us and knew most of wouldn't have a problem. 2 days later there was a re-test and quel suprise we romped it

    Pain in the arrse was we had to do another one a week later and still attend remedial PT, policy was you had to passs 2 BFTs to get off remedial. However I enjoyed the evening PT sessions so much I turned up for a few weeks afterwards just for fun
  13. [/quote]

    Remf inactive? We have plenty of them in the regulars, fat wankers who are alledegly good at their job. Their job being sitting behind a desk getting evermore fatter. Kick them out as well.[/quote]

    Hmm, probably not very well expressed by me, but I was tghinking of desk jockeys (who do a great and vital job :roll: before anyone starts) but don't actually NEED to be as fit as us elite Riflemen :D
  14. WAH - or complete mong? Answers on a postcard.

    Does that mean you're fit enough to get fit? What are you on?

    This might explain things;

    This 2 kg you lost - was it sweat or did you throw up your pork pie?
  15. He's been well sussed. What on earth makes these clowns tick? 8O

    Morganic? More like moronic! And a fucking fat lardy arsed one at that! :wink: