Moron Putin threatens to review relations with EU

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by KGB_resident, Mar 23, 2009.

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  1. With his usual idiotism the PM issues empty threats.

    In fact Russia has nothing to propose. However EU decision maked are not right. Why Russia was invited to the conference if there were no plans to involve it in modernisation of Ukrainian gas-pipe system. The reactions of Putin was nervous and what can he do? Really - nothing.

    No, it is well elaborated decision. Mr. Putin was had to predict such a development but now he is unable to do anything.
  2. Interesting remarks to make JUST before the G20 meeting!!
  3. Seems to be a gentle reminder to the Kremlin by the EU as to who they think was to blame for the silly episode in January.

    Maybe the non-idiots (who you now seem happy to accept as genuine idiots) have realised just how foolish they played things then.
  4. Jaw, jaw is better than war, war, as Churchill said. In general, when a suspicious party is invited to a meeting, the aim is to allow him to listen to everything that is said, and see the faces, both at the meeting and in the corridor/canteen/gents toilet. Even if he does not speak at the meeting, he has the chance to voice his ideas at the other venues. If he choses to say something in public that gives offence, well you just have to take the rough with the smooth. Least said, soonest mended.
  5. European leaders can blame only themselves that the EU hadn't established control (of course indirect one) over Ukrainian gas-pipe system.

    The gas crisis that took place in January resolved the most difficult problem - gas prices for Ukraine. From 2010 and further the price will be defined using European fomula. It is very good result for Russia and for the EU because namely now the EU has excellent opportunity to modernise Ukrainian gas-pipe system. Though as a result the new underwater pine-lines will be questioned. Would be they ever needed.

    So mr.Putin is angry but unable to do anything.
  6. Different take on the subject from Reuters:

    With petulance like this, it's pretty impossible to regard Russia as a 'reliable' energy partner and completely descredits the notion that gas sales are purely economic in nature.
  7. Or maybe EU, Ukraine and Russia know that Ukrainian gas-pipe system belongs to US? :) Why would EU talk to Russia about something Russia can get its hands on only if Timoshenko will become the next president?

    On the other hand, Russia has something up its sleeve it can level at EU: few weeks ago EU invited Russia to take part in NABUCCO (since Russia bought Central Asian gas, the only other options for EU would be to bow before Iran, get bogged down in Afghanistan (possibly both), or forget NABUCCO all together); Russia said thanks, we wish your project good luck, but we are busy with our own. Very diplomatic and shrewd.

    I'm sorry, Sergey, that by protecting Russia's automotive industry Putin caused you some inconvenience, but that doesn't mean he is an idiot, he has a country to run...
  8. Ej????

    First Domovoy claiming the US wants control of Ukraine's gas pipes, and now you saying the EU wants control. Bizarre!

    We've been round this bouy before KGB_resident, but it seems you failed to grasp the reality.

    In October 2008, Putin and Tymoshenko agreed market price would be in effect within 3 years - so, probably from Jan 2011 onwards. After the silly mess this January, market price will be initiated from Jan 2010 onwards. One year earlier. Woopy do!!! What a great success for Moscow!

    Now take into account that the market price for gas will very shortly be BELOW the special price offered to Ukraine in 2008, and Russia has to sell in 2009 at market less 20% (that's the very low price with a 20% discount) AND they sold 11 bcm at rock bottom price, that great success is looking rather PANTS.

    Exactly. Moscow wants to threaten Ukraine with Nord Stream. The EU has just said, "sod off! If you want to sell us gas, send it via Ukraine."

    I predict new details on Nabucco project to hit the headlines in the coming days/weeks.
  9. Cuckoo, cuckoo!

    I never thought this would crop up when I was typing up my previous post. Thank you Domovoy for stepping in and highlighting my point.

    Cuckoo, cuckoo!
  10. Whitecity, even Ukrainian government/president do not dispute the guilt of Ukraine (even if they pass the blame around), and you are still going on about it! It's hilarious... :D
  11. So you say. Cuckoo!
  12. I already gave you a link to this “news” in a thread concerning the recent gas crisis. If you chose not to read it…

    Which was?.. That Kremlin is looking to support Timoshenko? Was that a secret?

    “Gazprom has received an invitation to join the Nabucco pipeline project to pump gas from Central Asia to Europe, but will not take up the offer, a deputy head of Russia's energy giant said.
    "Unlike in the case of Nabucco, we have everything we need for this project [South Stream] to materialize," he said. "We have gas, the market, experience in implementing complex projects, and corporate management."

    AHH!!! Or dear!!! :omfg: “The ambitious Nabucco pipeline project intended to pump Central Asian natural gas to Europe bypassing Russia has been excluded from EU’s priority projects, a source in the EU’s Council of Ministers said on Tuesday.”

    How cuckoo is that?!
  13. 100%.

    (YOUR underlining). Once again, you and your Russian propaganda are out of date. :)

    17 March:
    Nabucco removed from EU energy project list

    18 March:
    Poland defies Germany over Nabucco pipe

    20 March:
    This is what was approved:

    The story about Gazprom refusing to join Nabucco seems to be a rather opportunist piece of Russian disinformation.

    Once again Domovoy. You have only read what you wantd to read and ignored the rest.


  14. Once again, whitecity, you hide behind sound bites: “propaganda”, “opportunist”, “disinformation”…

    What do you call “propaganda” exactly?

    The fact that Gazprom was invited to take part in NABUCCO was reported by few papers around EU, as well as the fact that Russia refused an offer.

    Since you stated “The story about Gazprom refusing to join Nabucco seems to be a rather opportunist piece of Russian disinformation”, -- you have information to the contrary, please don’t hesitate to post a link.

    Again, how come “my Russian propaganda” can be out of date, if it reported of an event at the time it happened?

    What, Poland “took the lead in trying to make Germany change its mind.”? Who would’ve thought of that?! Trojan donkey is committing old EU to money wasting “white elephant”? That on top of old EU keeping Polish (and other new EU members) afloat?

    Did Poland indicate who and how will fill NABUCCO?

    Well, whitecity, as I said before: NABUCCO was designed for Central Asian gas, since Russia bought it, EU has to get Russia on site; the only other options for EU would be to bow before Iran, get bogged down in Afghanistan (possibly both), or forget NABUCCO all together.

    Bulgaria. March 22, 2009 "Merkel apparently gave in to pressure, requesting in exchange that sums be spent quickly to help Europe's economic recovery in the short term. Indeed, the adopted document envisages spending two billion euro on energy projects in 2009, and another 1.975 B in 2010. A total of 3.975 is to be spent on energy projects.

    This may however mean that the funding for Nabucco and other projects, favoured by Eastern European countries, could be lost."
  15. And you "hide behind" inaccurate information, out of date information, and your agenda driven prism of what the future may look like.