Moron Putin says U.S. is "parasite" on global economy

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by KGB_resident, Aug 2, 2011.

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  1. Putin says U.S. is "parasite" on global economy - Yahoo! News

    It is a very primitive estimate. But how would you describe the role of the USA in the World economy?
  2. Slow news day in Moscow?
  3. Putin - that well-regarded economist. Bit rich coming from a man who's country defaulted on all debts 15 years ago.
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  4. He's not far from the truth.
    Obama seems to subscribe to the Gordon Brown school of economics and that path can only lead to ruin.

    Its not complicated, you can only spend what you earn plus what you borrow and what you borrow eventually has to be paid back.
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  5. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    Dollar dominance exists not because the markets love the Land of the Free. It exists because of its triple A rating and is a safe bet for long term return on investment. As I am sure Putin is aware. But hold hard Hortense... what is this?

    Ah. Right. Vlad may be many things but a moron aint one of them.
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  6. Yes it is a bit strong coming from the man who heads the world's largest kleptocracy but he isn't necessarily wrong.

    The bit I don't understand is the the Yanks have decided to make the poor pay (spending cuts)to sort the country out while the rich are allowed to just get richer (no tax rises)..

    I find this increasingly odd because it is the rich who****ed the job up in the first place but they are allowed to just carry on sticking it to the low and middle income families of America and said families just sit there and take it up the hoop.

    Why do the voters let them get away with it? They just seem like a bunch of turkeys voting to have two Xmases a year.

    Very strange - the majority get poorer and the tiny minority of the obscenely rich get even richer - and no-one sees much wrong with it.

    A very African solution, if I may say so.
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  7. Much like the UK, the options are limited. You either vote for the devil or vote for the deep blue sea.
    Whichever way you vote the politicians win and the public get porked.
  8. He's got a point. If you are running a household and find you can't make ends meet, you can either try and cut your spending, or you can try and raise your income, in order to fill the gap.

    If you are America there's another option, you just print some more money and let everyone else take the inflationary hit whilst moving the real financial crisis accross a bit to the left and then down a bit deeper!

    The days of the dollar are almost over!
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  9. That's because Americans, especially the ones in the middle who stand to lose the most, keep voting for policies that reduce job security whilst relieving the wealthiest of their tax burden and handing it to the middling types who voted for it. Why they do that is a mystery to everyone.

    The best suggestion I can offer is that it's based on some idiot belief that one day they themselves will be on the top of the dungheap, lighting cigars with $1000 bills and shitting on those below, and they don't want to spoil it for themselves in advance.

    It is the American Dream to increase both the number of one's inferiors, and the quantity and foulness of the shit one deposits on them.
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  10. And yet, I can pay for everything from a taxi ride to a crate of unused Kalashnikovs in Moscow with US Dollars....whereas the Rouble is little better than Monoploy money. Despite Obama and the Democrats' attempts to run the economy into the ground, the US will survive this present crisis. Put simply, economically and financially - as it is militarily - there is the United States....then there is everyone else.
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  11. The 'US' as an economy represented by the big corporations may survive unscathed, but a very great many of the people who go to make up the US as a nation won't.

    Chorus: It's the rich what gets the pleasure
    And the poor what gets the blame
    It's the same the whole world over
    Aint it all a bleeding shame.
  12. Beaten to it by PSF, this notion that everyman is in charge of his/her own destiny and that everyone can achieve greatness is why America is boned!

    As Al Murray says America has a dream, we do not 'cos we're Awake!
  13. Thing is this was mostly the shaved chimps doing start two give tax cuts and rebates and then worry about a defecit growining
  14. But now that Medvedev has kindly kept the seat warm for Putrid to step back in, will he give it all up so lightly and fight (properly) for a second or will he buckle, if he know's what's good for him?

    I'm still surprised that Putrid never found a way to change the constitution to allow several consecutive terms of office

    Sorry, for digressing

    PS. Spot the difference?

    One's a dodgy corrupt power mad extremist and the other's the Russian President :wink:

    220px-Dmitry_Medvedev_official_large_photo_-1.jpg Nigel Farage

    nigel-farage-mep-$4001137$300.jpg Dmitry Medvedev
  15. It is not the economic status of the USA that should be questioned but the philosophy of Vladimir Putin as he spent his formative years as a KGB officer (1975 -1992). During which time he was an integral part of the August Putsch in 1991 in an attempt to overthrow the Gorbachev government. Maybe we should place Putin's remarks under greater scrutiny!! Add to which, since his Prime Ministershop inflation has risen from 5.5% to 9.4% in three years, plus privately owned businesses have been questionably taken-over by the state. There are more questions than answers