Moron Putin is proposed as a candidate for the presidency by his puppet Medvedev.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by KGB_resident, Sep 24, 2011.

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  1. I'm just have heard it on TV. So called 'president' Medvedev proposed mr.Putin on the United Russia congress.

    Frankly speaking I'm not surprised. Putin's dictatorship will continue.
  2. Ever fancied entering the Duma
  3. And why should we be bothered if the puppet master of a 3rd world country once more steps from behind the curtain?
  4. Sergei,
    I used to quite enjoy your input. Now you are just boring and predictable. Have you been "got at"?
  5. No surprises. What a **** Putin is. And what morons the Russians are for letting this happen over and over again. They've had centuries to learn - never have. They've had a genuine representative democracy for about two days in the last 400 years.
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  6. You are not quite right dear friend. Russia is a very important country in many respects. Of course, it is not so important as the UK with its independent policy, with young dynamic leader.

    By the way, mr.Putin is not so old (especially for a politician).
  7. Putin is good for Russia. I wish we had a leader with his take no shit attitude. Instead we have leaders who are more interested in giving our money to other countries and filling the country with immigrants.
  8. Putin is very bad for Russia: his silly cold war obsession with the "evil West" distracts from the very real threats to Russia from China and radical Islam, and the one-party state system lacking in any opposition or free media means that there is no corrective mechanism to try and improve any of Russia's deep structural problems. The real tragedy for Russia is that the lack of proper legal process means that foreign inward investment is largely discouraged, and so there is little to inspire and develop Russia's true talent and economic potential.
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  9. His "silly cold war obsession" is fuelled by the actions of the US's obsession with their cold war obsession, with actions such as the "missile defence system".

    Putin has brought Russia from a failing country to one that is becoming very successful. It has inherent problems from the Communist times, but in time it will work through those. While it is doing so, it is rapidly moving forward.
  10. Do you actually live or work in Russia, or have Russian family?
  11. No. Do you?
  12. Well it's not like he wasn't running the show all along anyway.
  13. Ah, Russian democracy Putin style!.

    As Stalin was fond of saying:'It is not how the votes are cast that is important, it is how they are counted.'
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  14. I think it,s a case of Don Medvedev doing what Don Putin says and maintaining Omertaski, just "Biziness", nothing more
  15. Maybe Putin is bored with shark wrestling and skinning bears with just his teeth.