Moron Putin calls for end of dollar stranglehold

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by KGB_resident, Jan 30, 2009.

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    Dullard. Idiot. Moron.

    Just now an epic operation to steal tens billions of dollars from Russian currency reserved is near to end.

    Few months ago Russian central bank gave huge number of credits in roubles for stimulations of economy of course. But sly bankers began to buy dollars and euros. As a result exachnge rate of Rouble fell sharply and bankers-thieves simply stole tens billions.

    Mr.Putin you showed yourself as a fool. Recognise it first and don't lecture sharks of big busines (skilled thieves themselfes). Your idiotism is so apparent that I guess everybody in Davos laugh at you almost openly.


    Forming post-crisis World.
    The man with Putins mask is likely mr.Sechin - a vice-PM and according to rumours a grey cardinal and real decision maker (at least on economical matters).


    I will cure you (Putin tell to economy).


    A knight in a bearskin.
  2. So, the non-idiot strikes again! :D
  3. Of course these thieves (Putin's ministers) are not idiots, they know what they do.
  4. That's why they are non-idiots: they conduct incredibly stupid foreign and economic policy that is detrimental to Russia's long term interests - but line their own pockets with gold.
  5. The content of their pockets is of course a paramount. In comparison with it interests of the Russians, the Ukrainian and European customers is inexistent.
  6. KGB_resident.

    I cannot believe your opinion of the Rodina leadership has changed so much in the past month. I assume you are just having fun with the ARRSE reader and being mischievous. :D
  7. Tell us what the captions in the cartoons say Sergey. (We're British and too lazy to learn other people's languages - especially when the alphabet involves funny looking characters).
  8. I'll bite and assume he's not. A fair few people in Russia are starting to cotton on. Difference being of course that the leadership we are hacked off with in the west is either gone (Bush) or going (Brown).
  9. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Sergei - I'm worried about you! How much did you lose in the latest round of currency speculations?
  10. Also, who's the guy pulling off the Putin mask in the top picture?
  11. Whitecity, I write here exactly what I think. Not frequently maybe I wrote previously what I think about Putin's regime, corruption and so on.


    However, generally you are right. My attitude towar mr.Putin has changed last few weeks from 'rather positive' to 'negative'.
  12. Oh, really change. I have baught in October a new car Suzuki SX4 (made in Japan, $22000), thus investing most of my Roubles. I have some modest savings in Euros and my deposit in Roubles will bring me soon 15% (compensating partially my losses).

    But I have salary in roubles. So my real current income will ne much smaller.
  13. Sorry

    1. Forming post-crisis World.
    2. I will cure you (Putin tell to economy).
    3. A knight in bearskin.

    I will edit the first post.

  14. Life expectancy of a mainstream newspaper publishing these pictures?
  15. I will edit the first post.