Moron gets compensation (£1.5 Million), if he's a 'good boy'

Reported in the Daily Telegraph:- Executives at Mirror Trinity have indicated to him (Moron) that they will honour the terms of his contract (compensation of £1.5 million) so long as he 'keeps his nose clean and doesn't rock the boat' by stoking the row over the faked Iraqi pictures and his subsequent dismissal, sources claimed.

Further:- He had a two year rolling contract and earned (?) :x a basic salary of just under £450,000. This sum rises substantially when share options and the potential for bonuses are taken into account! 8O

Again:- Moron is understood to have lawyers on standby in the event that his former employers decide to contest the size of his settlement. 8)

And:- Former colleagues believe it unlikely that Trinity Mirror would risk going to court, where Moron might be in a position to embarrass the company by revealing what part other executives played in the photo fiasco. :oops:

Finally:- Only four Mirror staff know the names of the sources, dubbed Soldier A and B by the paper. The decision on whether to as the journalists to identify the pair will be left Des Kelly, the paper's acting editor. Colleagues insisted yesterday he had not yet decided what to do.

So, Piers Moron plunges deeply into the shite and still emerges smelling of roses. The acting editor, Des Kelly, is left with the clean up operation and we are still no nearer to knowing who these Soldier A & B scumbags are. Indeed, it is possible that they may even have no connection with the military at all. Bedford MKs are available on the open market, for about £4-5k; anyone who has ever been to the Beltring militaria fair will see plenty of MK's, all decked out in unit markings. Somehow I have a strange feeling that 'Soldiers A & B' will have irretrievably faded back into the slime whence they came.
Nevertheless, duped or culpable, Piers Moron would appear to be in financial clover. Morally, he is still in the shite! :evil:


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Why, whenever a low-life such as Piers Moron slithers out from the sediment he calls home, have they always got a surfeit of dosh to pay for another bunch of grubbing shysters to add to their ill-gotten gains, but never enough balls to admit they were wrong ?

It could be surmised that he knew the pictures were false and published anyway.

If he got away with it he had an increased circulation, a six-digit sum for syndication and another bonus in the bag.

If the pics were proven fake he knew he'd walk away with a golden handshake and free publicity.

Don't you just LOVE the 'freedom of the press' ?

Now on Sky News:,,30100-13096573,00.html

Sacked Daily Mirror editor Piers Morgan is set to receive a £1.5m pay-off.

His annual £350,000 salary from parent firm Trinity Mirror will be beefed up by bonus payments and share options to reach the final figure.

Mr Morgan, 39, was sacked on Friday after the paper admitted its pictures said to show British troops torturing Iraqi prisoners were fake.

But the outspoken ex-boss is said to have told friends he is sure his decision to print the photographs will be vindicated by charges against members of the Queen's Lancashire Regiment.

The Times says he was furious at being "frogmarched" out of his Canary Wharf office in London and expects the remaining two years on his contract to be honoured.

Mr Morgan's acting successor at the paper, deputy editor Des Kelly, will have to decide whether give names of the Mirror's sources for the story to the Army's Special Investigations Branch.

Normal newspaper practices would prevent it from taking such action, but as the board believes it was the subject of a hoax the paper may hand over the identities.

Mr Morgan, though, is said to still believe the soldiers acted in good faith and thinks giving army investigators the names would be a mistake.

And he has told friends his unexpected free time will give him the chance to take the summer off to spend time with his children, play cricket and take a holiday.

How nice. Perhaps he would like to visit the troops in Basra? I am sure some suitable hotel accommodation could be found.

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