Morocco (Marakech) - Any tips?

Discussion in 'Travel' started by MAD_FERRET, Jul 10, 2011.

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  1. Just about to feck off for a week with the Frau on a break in Marakech, and was wondering if anyone has any top tips on places to visit / see / do / avoid etc etc.

    Had a look on all the usual Tourist 'propaganda' sites, all on there is 'amazing, the best yadder yadder' so cutting the crap, what experiences good and bad have you lot had?

    We are both regular visitors of Egypt, Israel and other similar places, so don't need info on the 'basics'.

    Many thanks in advance.
  2. Advice? Go somewhere else.
  3. Don't go. ******* hated the place
  4. Have they had their uprising yet?
  5. Looks like someone is in for a great time then !!

    Kind regards

    R M
  6. Almost usefull.
  7. Are you in a Rihad, or a hotel?

    When you come out of the airport, ignore the pleas to get into the big merc taxis. Go straight on into the car park, and jump into the small taxis (fiats etc) they're a fraction of the cost.
  8. Marrakech, you will love the city!! It is in two parts "the old city" where you will find the "souk", an absolutely fabulous market - spend a day just wandering round, so much to see. In the evening the place turns into huge busy open-air restaurant - give it a try you will be amazed!! Then there is the modern city (called Gueliz) - totally different, very westernised. If you get the opportunity to take the tour to the saffron fields - very enlightening, learn about the spice and see how it is cultivated. A traditional meal is usually included. There may even be a day-tour to the Atlas Mountains, well worth the money, again a meal is included and you get to see SNOW in Africa.

    Hope this helps.
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  9. Before trying to haggle in the souks, go to the artisan area off the main street from the square to the hotels. The prices are regulated there by the gov, so you can get an idea what you should be paying for something. I actually bought from there in the end. Saves the bullshit.

    Eat in the square, cheap decent food.
  10. Grabbed a hotel, it's a spare of the moment thing as a break before l go somewhere else 'hot and sunny'. All l'm after is just info on places worth visiting circa 50km radius, nothing overtly bizzarre as the frau is in tow.

    If it's dog egg, l will just indulge in the all inclusive beer and so on by the pool for a week!

    Main objective was : 1. Sun. 2. Not much else.
  11. I hired a quad bike, far more fun than a camel ride
  12. Before going on a horse drawn tour, make sure you agree on a price, and length of time.

    In short, everyone in Marakesh is there to rip you off somehow. That's why I ******* hated it. Bunch of thieving *****, all of them.
  13. You can buy a round robin tour bus ticket thing, that lasts 24 hrs. That is worth the money. Hop on hop off, whenever you like.

    If you're in a hotel, you'll enjoy it more, as they're on main roads an easy to find
  14. What a load of cock. It's not that bad - you can buy kestrel chicks and chameleons in the market - Tesco doesn't offer that sort of service. In the Jemma el Fnarr, just off to the north side and then to the west a bit, there's a really good bar run by an old Legionnaire. Nice bloke. You can have a cold beer and look over the square and admire the quaint, local robbers and con-merchants while they whisk the wallets off visitors: very much like 'High Street UK' but with a bit more heat.

    If you're really lucky you'll meet the teeth-puller, who is cheaper and probably cleaner than the NHS alternative.

    As in all places, the traffic will kill you before anything else does. I expect post the bomb, the Fnarr will be full of Moroccan coppers, who are as keen to take your dosh as the next man (even the one with the fortune-telling squirrel).

    They won't let you in the mosque unless you're a rughead, but there is some exquisite architecture and an amazing vibe in the souk.

    The Hotel Mamounia, I think it's called, the one where Churchill painted plants and minarets while being pissed off with Stalin is very good, as long as you can put up with the miserable British 'umbrella up arse, don't you know who I am' brigade' (mostly ex-coppers).

    They've got oranges in the garden. You can throw them at the beggars.

    Better still you can throw them at the British holidaymakers and German lesbians who think that because they've booked into the swanky hotel on the Fnarr they've somehow elevated themselves from the Cheshire Set.

    Bottom line: it's a toilet. Go to Beirut or Jordan. Both far better. And then there's the glorious city of Damascus ..... wonderful. But you might want to give it a week or two.
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  15. Get up into the Atlas before dawn and enjoy the sunrise. It really is proper magic, but apart from that, just keep a bloody close eye on your property.

    I've been to lots of places in Morocco as a truck driver. Personally I loved the place and the people but the ragheads, bless 'em, are just not designed to live in cities.

    The more remote the spot, ie South of the Atlas, the better they are.

    Too much concrete and it all goes to shit.

    I do remember the police, the Gendarmes Royales, were a **** site more honest than their French or Spanish equivalents, which isn't saying a great deal.

    I'd stick to the beer and the hotel if I were you, there's nothing 'real' close at hand outside it.