Moroccan thief killed during getaway, woman charged

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by stoatman, Jan 20, 2005.

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  1. Pair of Moroccan thieves steal handbag from woman in car, woman reverses to follow them, accidentaly kills one of them between car & tree. Local Muslim community in outrage, woman put on Manslaughter charges.... etc. etc. etc. Read:

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  2. The ludicrous decision to prosecute this woman is worthy of our own CPS.

    What matters here is neither the racial origin of the dead man, nor his religion; the issue is that if he were not attempting a criminal act, the incident would not have occurred.

    Presumably the 'community leaders' from the Religion Which Must Not Be Offended will be calling for the surviving thief to be prosecuted to the full extent of Shariah law.

    It will be interesting to see how this case develops; the Dutch people seem to be getting rather p1ssed off with the PC brigade of late.
  3. Having been on a platform with a very large number of Dutchmen lately I can say that they are getting very Pi**ed off with the way there government is operating an open door policy much in the way the UK is. The thing with the Dutch is they don't cover it up. There are I am told some serious no go areas in amsterdam due to Moroccan thugs and the Dutch feeling is that it is time to bite back!!!!!!!!!

    That was certainly the feeling I got anyway. :evil:
  4. I think the verdict will be accidental death, and that the case is being brought to appease the moroccan community... Incidentally, you can't usually get into club here if you're short, have curly black hair, and slightly olive skin - they assume you might be Moroccan, and therefore might cause trouble. Of course they don't say this, they just make up some BS excuse. This pisses my Spanish & Portuguese colleagues off no end.
  5. Don't get me started....Our CPS seems to operate in a world of its own. I wonder if anyone who works there or in the courts has ever had to tackle a burglar or mugger.

    I know they have to decide not to waste taxpayers money by pursuing cases which for whatever reason will not get the right result in court but...there seems to be no consistency in our judicial system - and no balls - especially when it comes to sentencing!

    There was an interesting TV debate the other night with a representative of the Assoc of Chief Police Officers explaining what was and was not acceptable in terms if reasonable force against intruders and he was very clear about going as far as possible against people who choose to commit crimes against us. Breath of fresh air.
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  7. For god's sake man, will you stop mincing your words and speak your mind? :)
  8. What have I said that makes me a journo? Paranoia has really set in in this place.
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  10. "Speaking in Arabic, a local woman at the scene told a television reporter on Wednesday that the dead man had never done anything wrong and was the victim of injustice."

    Maybe I'm a tad old-fashioned, but I was brought up to believe that stealing is wrong.

    But, in this crazy world, this case will probably go to Court; the poor woman will be sentenced for a few years inside; the dead man will be made a hero and the other "poor man who had done nothing wrong" will sue (and more than likely receive) for thousands and thousands because the incident has so traumatised him.

    Stop the world, I wanna get off now please. :wink:
  11. Hahaha,

    PTP flexing his mod muscles 8O :twisted:

    I think holland will be the tinderbox that starts the multi-culture revolution that is coming. They started out with the best intentions and a liberal attitude to letting people live their lives. However, by doing this, they allowed the influx of the type of people who would like to destroy the liberal country they have established.

    Seems like the dutchies are getting a bit pissed off with the abuse of their hospitality and liberalism.
  12. Update:

    Looks like this might kick off if any form of this march goes ahead.....
  13. At least someone appears to be displaying testicular fortitude!!

    Sounds like a charming character 8O
  14. And now a multi-cultie group has told the Moroccans:

    Looks like some people are growing some cojonés :twisted:
  15. perhaps if when reversing she'd only cut the thieving wog b*stards hand off islamic justice would of been satisfied.