Moroccan thief killed during getaway, woman charged

Pair of Moroccan thieves steal handbag from woman in car, woman reverses to follow them, accidentaly kills one of them between car & tree. Local Muslim community in outrage, woman put on Manslaughter charges.... etc. etc. etc. Read:'s+death

Manslaughter charge over thief's death

20 January 2005

AMSTERDAM — The 43-year-old woman who reversed her car into a thief who snatched her handbag earlier this week faces a manslaughter charge, the public prosecutor said on Wednesday.

Germaine C., a mother-of-two, is due to appear in court on Thursday when she is expected to be remanded in custody as the police investigation into the incident continues.

The police have said the death seems to have been the result of a "tragic accident".

But the public prosecutor has decided that the woman should be charged with manslaughter because she took an "unacceptable risk" in the manner she reversed her car.

Ali el B., a 19-year-old man of Moroccan descent, was killed when the car crushed against a tree on the Derde Oosterparkstraat in the east on Amsterdam early on Monday night.

Moments earlier El B. and an accomplice, 18, had allegedly snatched the woman's bag from her car. The accomplice escaped from the scene of the crime, but reported to police on Wednesday night.

The woman, according to her lawyer, has denied she intended to hit them with her car. She has claimed she reversed her car to follow the thieves to tell them there was nothing of value in the bag and to ask them to give it back.

C. has said she was not immediately aware she had hit the man and was preparing to follow his alleged accomplice when she noticed El B.'s body.

Some locals do not believe her protestations of innocence. On the night of the accident, young men gathered at the scene and started shouting the incident was "murder".

Speaking in Arabic, a local woman at the scene told a television reporter on Wednesday that the dead man had never done anything wrong and was the victim of injustice.

A youth also told RTL News that efforts were being made to gather native Dutch and immigrant residents together to commemorate El B.'s death in a silent march, asserting that the victim was not a "dog" and deserved to be remembered.

Chart-topping rapper Ali B., who is also of Moroccan descent, also attended a gathering at the scene of the accident on Wednesday to appeal for calm and to pray to Allah, newspaper De Volkskrant reported.

The incident occurred only 50m from where filmmaker Theo van Gogh was shot and stabbed to death on 2 November 2004. Mohammed B., a 26-year-old man with Dutch and Moroccan nationality, has been arrested for the murder.

A letter pinned to Van Gogh's body with a knife stated he had been killed for criticising Islam. Van Gogh and MP Ayaan Hirsi Ali had just released a short film "Submission" that suggested the Koran sanctioned domestic violence and oppression of women. The letter also threatened Hirsi Ali that she was next.
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The ludicrous decision to prosecute this woman is worthy of our own CPS.

What matters here is neither the racial origin of the dead man, nor his religion; the issue is that if he were not attempting a criminal act, the incident would not have occurred.

Presumably the 'community leaders' from the Religion Which Must Not Be Offended will be calling for the surviving thief to be prosecuted to the full extent of Shariah law.

It will be interesting to see how this case develops; the Dutch people seem to be getting rather p1ssed off with the PC brigade of late.
Having been on a platform with a very large number of Dutchmen lately I can say that they are getting very Pi**ed off with the way there government is operating an open door policy much in the way the UK is. The thing with the Dutch is they don't cover it up. There are I am told some serious no go areas in amsterdam due to Moroccan thugs and the Dutch feeling is that it is time to bite back!!!!!!!!!

That was certainly the feeling I got anyway. :evil:
I think the verdict will be accidental death, and that the case is being brought to appease the moroccan community... Incidentally, you can't usually get into club here if you're short, have curly black hair, and slightly olive skin - they assume you might be Moroccan, and therefore might cause trouble. Of course they don't say this, they just make up some BS excuse. This pisses my Spanish & Portuguese colleagues off no end.
Don't get me started....Our CPS seems to operate in a world of its own. I wonder if anyone who works there or in the courts has ever had to tackle a burglar or mugger.

I know they have to decide not to waste taxpayers money by pursuing cases which for whatever reason will not get the right result in court but...there seems to be no consistency in our judicial system - and no balls - especially when it comes to sentencing!

There was an interesting TV debate the other night with a representative of the Assoc of Chief Police Officers explaining what was and was not acceptable in terms if reasonable force against intruders and he was very clear about going as far as possible against people who choose to commit crimes against us. Breath of fresh air.
F*ck off Journo.
Because you are a Journo?

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As of this point in , I'll just cull posts from people that haven't got the balls to post under their normal idents.


Because I can.
"Speaking in Arabic, a local woman at the scene told a television reporter on Wednesday that the dead man had never done anything wrong and was the victim of injustice."

Maybe I'm a tad old-fashioned, but I was brought up to believe that stealing is wrong.

But, in this crazy world, this case will probably go to Court; the poor woman will be sentenced for a few years inside; the dead man will be made a hero and the other "poor man who had done nothing wrong" will sue (and more than likely receive) for thousands and thousands because the incident has so traumatised him.

Stop the world, I wanna get off now please. :wink:
As of this point in , I'll just cull posts from people that haven't got the balls to post under their normal idents.


Because I can.

PTP flexing his mod muscles 8O :twisted:

I think holland will be the tinderbox that starts the multi-culture revolution that is coming. They started out with the best intentions and a liberal attitude to letting people live their lives. However, by doing this, they allowed the influx of the type of people who would like to destroy the liberal country they have established.

Seems like the dutchies are getting a bit pissed off with the abuse of their hospitality and liberalism.

Dead bag thief's family
abandons silent march

21 January 2005

AMSTERDAM — The family of dead bag snatcher Ali el B. has agreed to call off a silent march on Friday after discussions with Amsterdam Mayor Job Cohen, who said it would be a "bad signal" if the young man was commemorated in that manner.

"The family and friends of the victim must realise that this started with the theft of a bag. He was not a nice lad, far from it, and this must not be trivialised," he said.

El B. was killed on Monday night when a 43-year-old woman reversed her car into him after he and an 18-year-old accomplice had stolen her bag from her vehicle in the east of Amsterdam. El B. was crushed up against a tree as the two culprits tried to escape on a moped.

The public prosecutor has accused the mother-of-two of manslaughter.

Mayor Cohen met with El B.'s sister on Thursday to discuss the planned silent march — which are usually held to honour murder victims — and he immediately made it clear that he was opposed to the such a commemoration in this case.

El B. had appeared in court on Monday shortly before his death. In that case, El B. was accused of an armed robbery at a Xenos store in the Kalverstraat in the city centre on 11 May 2004. Due to the circumstances, Amsterdam Court has decided to bring its ruling forward from the initially planned date of 31 January. It will now hand down its ruling at 2pm on Friday, news service NOS reported.

In consultation with Cohen, El B.'s family has called off the march from Central Station to the Derde Oosterparkstraat where the 19-year-old was killed, newspaper De Telegraaf reported.

Family and friends of El B. will instead hold a shorter procession from the scene of his death to Al Kabir mosque, a short distance away on the Weesperzijde. Police and council officers will be on duty to maintain law and order, as is usual during demonstrations or silent marches, a council spokeswoman said.

Cohen is moving to thwart renewed tensions between the Moroccan, native Dutch and other ethnic groups in the capital. "Therefore it is important that all the facts get through to everyone. But they [the facts] appear to have become muddled and instead all sorts of contradictions have come out. It is now up to the public prosecutor to investigate everything," he said.

A council spokeswoman told Expatica that Amsterdam authorities were not concerned that Cohen's stance and "strong" description of El B. would provoke greater tension. She said the mayor was simply looking at the facts of the incident, which had two sides, namely a bag theft and a death.

The prosecutor had initially suspected the motorist, 43-year-old Germaine C, of manslaughter, claiming she took an "unacceptable risk" in the manner that she reversed her car.

But a judge in Amsterdam ordered her release from custody on Thursday night, ruling there was no indication the woman intended to kill El B. The court said it cannot be proven that she consciously accepted the risk that the two men could be killed by her actions.

The prosecutor has indicated an appeal will not be lodged against the decision to free her, but the investigation continues.

But speaking through her lawyer, C. has already said she did not mean to hit El B. and has expressed sorrow at his death. She claims she had reversed her car to tell the bag snatchers that there was nothing of value in it.

Meanwhile, El B.'s 18-year-old accomplice — who escaped the scene on Monday, but reported to police on Wednesday night — has reportedly confessed his role in the theft. He will appear in court later on Friday.

Two male youths aged 15 and 16 arrested shortly after the incident have been cleared of any involvement in Monday night's theft. One of them was the owner of the scooter and the other had the scooter registered in his name. One of the two has been released, but the other is still being remanded on suspicion he was involved in another theft.

Instead of the planned 2pm silent march, El B.'s family and friends will now gather in the Derde Oosterparkstraat for a procession to the Al Kabir mosque. A note affixed to the tree where El B. died urges residents to attend the commemoration. The note is addressed to the "brothers and sisters of Islam".

Feelings are running high in Amsterdam East, with Moroccan residents claiming El B. was murdered. But the native Dutch community generally feels the death was an accident. One woman told RTL News on Friday morning that a silent march would turn El B.'s death into something it wasn't, while one man said his death was purely an accident.

The scene of El B.'s death is just 50m away from where filmmaker Theo van Gogh was murdered last November. His suspected killer is a 26-year-old Dutch-Moroccan and the latest incident has only served to sharpen the simmering tension between the native Dutch and Moroccan communities.

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Looks like this might kick off if any form of this march goes ahead.....
The family and friends of the victim must realise that this started with the theft of a bag. He was not a nice lad, far from it, and this must not be trivialised," he said
At least someone appears to be displaying testicular fortitude!!

El B. had appeared in court on Monday shortly before his death. In that case, El B. was accused of an armed robbery at a Xenos store in the Kalverstraat in the city
Sounds like a charming character 8O
And now a multi-cultie group has told the Moroccans:

Stop playing victim, Forum tells Moroccans

21 January 2005

AMSTERDAM — As mourners marched to commemorate the death of a Moroccan man and alleged bag snatcher on Friday, multicultural institute Forum urged Moroccan immigrants in Amsterdam to stop portraying themselves as victims.

Forum spokesman Halim el Madkouri said Moroccans are not victims and should stop blaming the rest of Dutch society for everything, newspaper De Volkskrant reported.

His comments came after El B. was killed on Monday night after he and an accomplice allegedly stole a bag from a woman's car. The motorist reversed her car to try and reclaim the bag, but collided with the mens' scooter and crushed the victim up against a tree.

Outrage erupted

in Amsterdam East around the scene of El B.'s death as many people from the immigrant community claimed that the 43-year-old woman killed the 19-year-old on purpose. They claim it was evidence that Moroccans are victims of serious injustice in the Netherlands.

"Nonsense, of course, because the woman who crashed into him did not really think: 'Hey, a Moroccan. I'm going to kill him'. Moroccans are in a vicious circle of frustration and dissatisfaction. They then continually feel they are a victim," El Madkouri said.

A spokesman for the Koepelorganisatie van Marokkaanse Moskeeën (a Moroccan mosque association) blamed the emotional outbursts by Moroccans after El B.'s death on negative publicity in the media.

"But for some of them, they have contributed to this picture themselves. It is time that Moroccans looked into the mirror and recognised their own faults," he said.

The Netherlands is currently in the midst of a drive to force newcomers to integrate and a crackdown on alleged Islamic extremists. In turn, this has led to social tension mounting between the native and immigrant communities. Immigrants have been accused of causing social problems by not integrating into Dutch society.

Monday's tragedy occurred just 50m away from the spot where Theo van Gogh was killed last November. A Dutch-Moroccan, Mohammed B., 26, has been arrested for the crime, which sparked retaliatory vandal and arson attacks between mosques and churches.

El B.'s death has only served to heighten the tension in a city that is already feeling the strain of what some commentators have dubbed the "clash of cultures".,+Forum+tells+Moroccans

Looks like some people are growing some cojonés :twisted:
the native Dutch community generally feels the death was an accident.
- a quote from one of the reports above. I bet the 'native Dutch community' feel nothing of the sort, but in fact feel just as shortfuse states immediately above.

Of interest is the "victim" complex; usually a reliable fallback for the genuinely inferior in all respects, PIRA/PSF go for it in a big way, as as do any number of single-interest groups, be they religious, cultural or political. You don't see the Jewish people in the UK doing it, or the Sikhs, or the Chinese. They're too proud, hardworking and successful (and usually good blokes to have on your side, too). You do see the XXXXXXXX, the XXXXXXX and the bloody awful XXXXXXXX. Maybe, as Halim el Madkouri says, they should get a bloody grip.
One more piece of scum scooped out of the gene pool.
I blame the Dutch court for bailing him - if they hadn't then he wouldn't have been there.
The woman should sue the court for emotional stress brought on by topping the toerag.
bollocks to PC shite, they were thieving which if i recall is against the muslim religion, yet they kick off about him being killed not about his crime.
tossers the lots of them its abouttime we stopped appeasing and start deporting if they commit crimes, boot them back, they are no use to this country.

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