Mornington Crescent

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Machristo, Dec 9, 2008.

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  1. Not been seen for a while, so who fancies a game?

    Few caveats to make it more interesting; (firstly) we'll be playing accordant to sections 1-72 of the Trumpington Variations, and sub-sections 7.2(b) through 16.4, excluding all of section 12 and sections 14.5 to 15.7(d), of the Dewsbury Rules. I'm sure the reasons for this will be apparent to everyone and thus not require explanation. Also (and no arguing) Reverse Gumption Thrusts after Nip are disallowed, Double-Backs are restricted to the North Circular Open and Regents Park will count double (excepting where Regents Pass is played). Any adjudications necessary will be ruled on using the Humperdinck Manual.

    I'll start.

    Ravens Court Park
  2. Arnos Grove
  3. Clever, rebel, but I'll outfox you yet.

  4. Raynel Drive...... :O)
  5. South Woodford, and I'll play my trumpton 4 way split.
  6. Is that allowed so early in the game??
  7. B@stard, you forced me to do this.

    Elephant and Castle.

    Edit, cause I was slower than 12volts: Yes, but is kind of laying an offside trap, thus limiting play to the South Set Stations.
  8. Mac: I'm assuming that's a wah? You can't mean E and C after you explicitly forbade doubling back??

    Taking Woodford as the last legitimate move, it's never too early for Dr Caius' Gambit - straight across the lower two paralles and up to Blackfriars.
  9. Girly swot, oh and Brixton
  10. Pimlico
  11. Stockwell.
  12. My Marble is extremely Arched.
  13. Wimbledon Broadway
  14. Earl's Court