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Mornington Crescent - Military

To avoid disconcerting moderators etc., the recent flurryu of that popular Radio 4 Panel Game "Mornington Crescent" moves here ...

The normal rules apply with the following modifications:

a. Each station must be justified by an appropriate military cross-reference.
b. Belch's Reverse Ploy is disallowed.
c. Gomes' Transition is only permitted if the applicable to the same campaign.

We start at [where else]


Where the Duke of Wellington, assisted belatedly by some Germans, saw Johnny Frog off the battlefield.

That sort of thing ... OVER

The British Infantry Square was originally oval.
Subsequently, Drill Sgts were invented to make the shape neater and enable people standing at the corners to be attacked from both sides at once.
Bullet Sponge said:
Unfortunately Mornington Crescent doesn't have any connections therefore there can be no winner
Course there is:

1. Used as a bomb shelter during WWII

2. It was named after the Earl of Mornington, brother of the Duke of Wellington.


Book Reviewer
Cutty Sark

Cutty Sark Trust boss is Phil te Greek, who also happens to be the boss of various military units as well as having served himself!

So ner!

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