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Morning throbers and LMFers

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This Gents is in a response to some coments that our erstwhile mod posted. on my use of the Hole

As you are well aware I have had a few problems posting in the Hole of late. I except that that was my fault, as I missed the new rules as they appeared. And I have no problems in being banned for that as I should have been aware. That’s what Army SOP is all about. And not being a LMFer full understand the consequences of such.

However Artie you seem to have well and truly lost the plot you now justify your actions by saying that "we don’t like Me, Me, Me, posts?

Excuse my incredulity but when the post Robme was set up, it was put it in the Hole and thus encouraged people (especial Robme) to post. WTF did anyone think would happen with a post called Robme? It may come as some surprise (as indeed I was, when such an opportunity arose) that a post with my name on it, given my track record, was going to elect some response from me. It’s not a trap, it’s an open invitation to win the Spot the Ball competition 2020. I don't know perhaps there was an expectation that Bugs Bunny would start to post? Such is the strength of this wibbling fantasist. Moreover my track record is as wide as it is venile.

I never asked him to do such a thing, and to be honest never thought that a Mod would be so fooking stupid to do such a thing. But if it’s there, use it.

I believe I have made perfectly clear where an Internet Forum called Arrse fits in the lexicon of intellectual wibbling, the name sort of gives it away, it you didn't want people like me to post you should have called it 'Mums Nets Best BBF'. Intellectual debate where the General Chief of staffs are going to reach for Arrse for the nation’s finest ain't never going to happen, ever. It’s a forum for those who have served, the misguided brigade of LMFers and those who never even got out of bed and tried to join but now regret they never did. In my humble opinion they too are worthy.

I don’t know what is trying to be achieved here, but can I ask you to have a word with yourself? Entrapment if a dirty word (actually illegal under common law, which applies to the Civil law), and doesn’t benefit those other mods who have too moderate the many Forums, on this august very funny site.

Yours confused


P.s. If you want to see where you fit in the pantheon of public opinion, just Google 'Contact Arrse Website', and it’s about the 3rd or 4th hit down. Mussies eh?
Not open for further replies.

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