Morning sloppies

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by here_be_mike, Dec 8, 2007.

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  1. Im in need for the collective knowledge of you all on a subject that bugged the hell out of me on a sleepy drunken wander home from the pub.

    Heres the situation - You shag a girl at night then wake up the next morning with a morning glory and the need to knob her. Normally I sheath up when shagging her, so the next morning more than happy to wrap her legs around my head. But what if you didn’t and your faced with your man fat on the curtains with those vice like legs around the noggin. Man up and eat away, its only protein? Seal you lips around those flaps and blow that crap back on up there? What the hell do you do...?

    Also if you were to man up and just eat away, would that make you gay like blowing yourself and swallowing, or doesn’t it count since your with a girl?
  2. Personally id start praying its your own baby gravy and work from there :wink:

    But if its defo your own fellas crack on :D
    Remember you dont have to swallow if you dont want to (been a while since i said that :p )

    Once went in for a post bj kiss off mrs pidge and the evil sorry sexy b*tch (best be careful she might read this) hadnt swallowed and practically shot the lot into my gob in revenge for a particulary nasty dutch oven id given her (if only all revenge involved oral and not as is more commonly the case, forcing the testes back into your body)
  3. what if you do

    and you find out your mate slipped her one earlier in the night without his goretex on?
  4. Its only gay if you like the taste
  5. I refer my honourable friend to the comment I made earlier.
  6. I dont think even a picture could have done justice to that poetic description 8O

    Though just had another thought. If you were to lip lock her and blow the stuff back up there, wouldnt that cause a fanny fart? Would mean you get it splatted all over the face, does the stuff sting if it gets in your eyes?
  7. Swamp rat,i'll never eat an oyster again!!! :crying:
  8. Simple, role over and reach into her bed side draw and take out her king size vibrator and give her some thrills :D