Morning PT/Insight ?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Rentahobo, Mar 28, 2009.

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  1. I was hoping someone could help me with this i was told at my AFCO about PT days on Tuesdays and was told to come in at 8:30am but this was after my 2nd Interview+BARB and we were rushing around etc etc is there anything i should take with me as its only until around 1pm i was told.

  2. If its just the half day thing then wear t-shirt, shorts and some decent running shoes (the office manager in my ACIO made a big point about shoes before we set off) and a tracksuit over it all. You will also need a water bottle.

    You should do: 2 mins sit ups/press ups (best effort), best effort pull ups, Jerry cans & 1.5mile run, and if your doing this for the first time its a fair eye opener, but if youve done some decent preperation then you should be fine.
  3. Cheers hill wasnt sure if it was like a baby version of what was in the ADSC only the press-ups,pull-ups and 1.5 have me pegged dont even know if i can do a pull up haha
  4. Think your refering to Pre-ADSC. From what i recall you don't do Press-ups at ADSC or at Pre. Sit-ups maybe.
    Sure i'll be corrected if my thoughts are wrong.
    Syn :)
  5. We were told that you dont do sit ups/press ups at ADSC but they expect you to be able to 50 in 2 minutes, and for the pre-ADSC the scores are logged and returned to your recruiter who uses them to judge whether your ready for selection. 3 guys in my group got told to come back in 3 months, end of.

    Pull ups however, they do test you at ADSC, apparently 10 is what they expect but thats what the PTI told us. Best thing is to get working on them, and remeber to lock your arms fully down. One of the guys who got told to come back started knocking them out for fun, till the PTI told him to start doing them properly, he ended up on 2.
  6. Well im mainly using it as a free gym in preperation and if that aint enough i might have a job as a fitness instructor to tide me over till the time comes :S

    P.S I started the year at 17 stones ive lost over 3 so far not doing crazy amounts of excersize
  7. Well thats me back from this weeks PT It was pretty simple we had a command test which was a basic dont touch the floor while carrying stuff etc in a group and the slightly confusing pyramid test after that it was the jerry can haul + heaves which was simple enough then icebreaker and last but not least the 1.5mile run.
    I did good on all except the run and heaves (1 better than 0) but then again i aint super fit (yet!) 15mins 46seconds but i wasnt last place so i wasnt really annoyed just hated the sudden cramp i had.
    Cant wait to go next week as i will be prepared
  8. 10 pull ups? at selection they said we expect 4
  9. some guys on my selection passed with no heaves, it's more about the effort you put into it i believe, show maximum effort and a determination to succeed and they'll like you.