Morning Fuel?

hi guys
Just interested in finding out what everyone uses for fuel before going for a run in the morning. I would be getting up relatively early in the morning so having a big breakfast and waiting an hour or two before I run isn't really an option. But then again, don't have much body fat so if I run on an empty stomach and start burning it off, ill slowly but surely fade away :eek:. My initial idea was to have a banana sandwich (with wholemeal bread) for energy but just thought i'd check what everyone else does.
thanks in advance
Couple of slices of toast does it for me
Any food will switch your system out of "asleep" mode and therefore you will lose the fat-burning effect. Orange juice or similar will suffice. If I'm running a distance I'll drink chocolate milk before I go out. Avoid anything with artificial sweetener as your body thinks this is sugar and produces insulin to counter it. Just my two bob's worth.
Jack, I often go for a run in the early mornings at weekends. I've found that an ideal combination for me is a couple of Lucozade glucose tablets and one flapjack bar, plus a cuppa. It's light enough to allow me to start my run more or less immediately. The glucose tabs give me enough energy at the start and the carbs in the flapjack bar keep me going. Maybe it'd suit you too.

thanks for the advice guys, I would be getting up at say 5:30 and going running at 6, so anything that lets me run almost immediately would be th best choice
thanks again
Jack, go for a couple of Bananas every time...slow release of energy to last the entire run. Works for me
Ambrosia Creamed Rice, (tin of), the night before is fab also.
Jaffa cakes..

Well, if they're good enough for Guinness Premiership clubs.......
There is only ONE element you want to be taking BEFORE a morning run.

Take 10g of L-Glutamine.


Then 60g of oats with 350 - 400 ml of skimmed milk, heated in the microwave for about 3 mins.


After sleep, your body is in a catabolic state, made ALOT worse if you run on an empty stomach. If you eat before you run, you should wait 45 - 60 mins before exercising.... This can be a pain.

10g of L-Glutamine (taken ASAP on waking) will stop the catabolism of your muscles and fuel your exercise. It's also able to be taken just minutes before you leave for your run.

The oats will top up your carb loss from the run and will offer a slow burning meal for your body to feast on until mid morning.

Glass of water, cup of coffee, cigar and a couple of handfuls of dried fruit.
Then, when I get back, microwave porridge with more dried fruit, coffee and fruit juice.
Lie in and egg banjoes at weekends.
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