Morning field admin routine?

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by mosc7tc3, Dec 2, 2011.

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  1. As a new recruit, I'm worried about getting all of my morning admin done in the field in sufficient time to keep the section commander off my back! Do any of you more experienced members have any routines or advice that you could share?

    Appreciate it...
  2. *sigh*
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  3. Wake up.

    Get the sprog to get the brews/scoff on.

    Quick power ****.

    Eat afore mentioned scoff, give sprog dirty rifle to clean.

    Long luxurious ****.

    Swap out **** covered grot bag for sprogs clean new one.

    Pack up kit.
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  4. Make noshing him off part of your morning routine.
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  5. Just ask him to **** you orf. Thats his admin done for the day then.
    From the above posts I wasnt the only one then.
  6. Best thing to do is just have a "get on with it attitude". You'll be knackered and most likely cold, but it's not so bad. Most likely you'll be Bashered up with another recruit, so use the buddy buddy system, as in help eachother out. And before anyone else starts, I mean in a non-sexual way!
  7. .
    Never jack on your section. Be the first one up in the morning and ensure the rest wake up by banging your mess tins together very loudly.

    Then make sure you have enough hot water by building a huge fire in the middle of your harbour area (there'll be plenty of trees you can use for this).

    My motto is always "Pack Light - Easier to bug out at night", so always take the lightest doss bag available - a Softie 1 or Jungle fart sack should suffice.

    Don't waste time boiling water to have a shave - simply grow a beard.

    Don't bother with eating breakfast either. You can just suck on a teabag as you go.

    Hope this helps
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  8. Now I know how managed to stay in for so long - by following the 13th Duke's advice to the letter, although back in the day it was seen as de rigeur to have a bit of ging gang goolie in the harbour area. Being an orifice cadet in the mid-1990s, nothing much was expected of me and I am pleased to say that the situation hasn't changed. Now where did I put my TNF camouflaged tent slippers?
  9. Top tip, if your on dog stag squeeze a sly **** out, perks you up for the imminent beasting for all being ******* fezz's!

    (also eat your scran cold, just have a hot wet, less to clean and gives you more time to put your comfy trainers on and your ipod and relax whilst all around you is bedlam..)
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  10. Don't panic. Everything you do will be wrong and you'll get beasted whatever you do.

    Just go with it and enjoy the cold, half-asleep, first thing in the morning PAIN! ;)

    Good luck!
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  11. .
    Everything you need to know is in Baz Lurmann's song 'Everybodys Free to Wear Sunscreen'.
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  12. 1.Dossbag and basher away.
    2.Take up stand-to position.
    3.Stand down, remove mess tin, fill with water, add breakfast, put on stove and light it
    While waiting for water to boil, wash with cold water and facecloth (uses less water and scrubs better)
    4.Tip most of hot water into mug with tea, sugar, creamer etc
    Eat breakfast while shaving using remaining hot water, drink tea
    Mess tin, cooker, mug and wash/shaving kit away as each becomes available
    5.Reapply cam cream
    6.Clean weapon.
    7.Have leisurely crap while watching the admin nightmares still trying to work out which pouch they put breakfast in.

    Your buddy will be doing 4/5 and 6 in the opposite order so that one weapon is always available.

    Only take kit out when it's going to be used and put it back as soon as you've finished with it.

    I think that's about it. Except that you'll bug out just as the water comes to the boil and you've torn your breakfast open (and your buddy's rifle is stripped down to the small parts).
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  13. Stand to
    Wash + Shave -5 - 10 mins
    Cook + eat scoff, make brew, clean weapon, polish boots, apply fresh cam cream - 20 - 30 mins

    30 - 40 mins to get all your admin sorted is plenty of time
  14. How do you manage that?
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  15. I chew my food thoroughly, so I've got plenty of time. Any stubble that's left gets covered with cam cream.