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I've sorta been down this road before, mainly due to how slow my pc was running, 20 mins to start up, access to the internet was a joke. Anyway lastnight i took all the security setting off, ie removed Avast. Ad-Aware, Avg, Malware bites and a couple more that i cant remember just now. So with my pc having, as far as i know, no security stuff to protect it, what would you people recommend i download FOR FREE to keep the thing safe but not slow it down to a tedious crawl again i would much appreciate it.

You had Avast and AVG running at the same time?

Personally if I were you I would instal Antivir, ad-aware and zonealarm and that should do you.

Although, I would purchase a copy of ESET's NOD32, it is only 29 squid with a years updates and is well worth the doh re mi.

Also to speed your startup a bit, click on Start and then Run and in the Open bar, type in msconfig and then go to the tab startup. Go through that and untick stuff that you don't need such as Adobe reader speedlaunch etc
Cheers for that Cabana, yes i did have those running at the same time plus others!

Re the point of turning things off, i wouldnt know what is needed or what isnt. Is it worth taking it to a pc specialist for them to have a butchers at?
You shouldn't have two antivirus programs running at the same time...can cause some conficts and complications.

Feck no, don't take it to a pc specialist...he/she will charge you 20-40 quid just to look at it and then invariably get whatever it is wrong. For example, I installed zonealarm firewall onto my Mum and Mads machine which when they change ISP would not let them go onto the Internet. As I wasn't around they called in a "pc specialist" who charged them 60 squids and all he did was uninstall zonealarm firewall (when all he had to do was essentially tick a box allowing zonealarm to allow internet access) and he didn't even put the windows firewall on (not that its much good). Robbing little shit, I should have gone round and popped him one.

Best thing is to put the list of what you have on here and then people can advise you on what to turn off. Most of the stuff is not really required anyway.
Hello again, these are the things that are on at start up.

mcupdate (if this is mccafee, i have recently mag to grid this)
Applicattion Launcher

Do all these needs to be run at start up? Again thanks for the help.
I would turn them all off apart from Dragdiag which is for your dsl modem (if you have one) and itunes helper.

If you have a microsoft programmable keyboard then keep Itype and possible ipoint for your microsoft mouse, if not kill them.
What a 'microsoft programmable keyboard'? Also when you say 'microsoft mouse' is that just a normal mouse thats plugged into the pc?

Sorry for mong questions.

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