Morning (afternoon pretty much all day) sickness HELP

Discussion in 'The Other Half' started by lillybelero, Feb 25, 2007.

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  1. the wife is preggers and needs summat to feel better. shes tried ginger in its many forms. but still shes vomiting all the time and lost nearly a stone in weight now, the doc just says that its normal for some women. but i was hoping that mybe some of you fine ladies could help her with any advice.
    The doc did give some pills but they make her sleepy, like 4:00 in the afternoon. :frustrated:
  2. Try asking over on the other side Rear Party Nippers , bound to be loads of advice there.

    Was going to suggest ginger but you've already tried that..........hope she feels better soon!
  3. I found that a few drops of lemon scented essential oils on a hanky worked if she is finding certain smells that make her feel sick.

    Also I ate a piece of dry toast first thing in the morning which worked well mostly.

    I am guessing she is in her first stages of pregnancy, so the sickness should go after the 3 or 4 month point.
  4. i had hyperemesis with all mine and believe me the tablets are a god send! IF she's lucky the sickness will ease but i had it all the way to delivery.Sorry to sound pessimistic.

    The tablets i had were Avomine and they did make me sleepy for a bit,but i got used to them and the sleepiness eased.

    The alternative is going into hosital to be rehydrated as the danger is she could develop ketosis which is very unpleasnt. PM me if you think i can help in any way
  5. I was sick as a dog from 5 weeks to 17 weeks, nothing made it better for me.

    You do get used to throwing up randum times through the day, your Mrs will get used to it to.

    try eating different foods and see what works. Wheat products are always recommended - stay away from orange juice.
  6. Try keeping ginger snaps by the bed, eat a couple before putting your feet on the ground first thing in the morning. Did the trick for me.
  7. the misses says thank you very much for all the words of advice, shes on the sofa with a blanket and a headacke patch on her bonce. cheers big bird i will pm if there are any further questions.
    just leaves me now the new to be father ahhhhhh
  8. youll be fine...just do EVERYTHING she tells you immediately and without question. Hormones??? You ain't seen NUFFINK yet pal :) Congrats to you both though
  9. thank you big bird.
  10. Good luck to the both of you. Dont take it personal if she snaps at you. I was a complete bitch. Cant give that much advice as I had a pretty good pregnancy. Although I would say make sure she doesnt stand up to soon after having the baby, or like mine, her placenta might just fall out and turn the lovely water pool into a blood bath - but those thoughts are a long way off - good luck!!!
  11. cheers for that nearly spilt my drink on the keyboard
  12. Find your nearest chiese herbalist shop!!!!. I sufered with morning sickness with my first 3 pregnancies ( REALLY SUFFERED) and the doctors were never any help but i was willing to try anything this time round even if that meant drinking something which resembled shavings from a carpentry lesson and it did work....can't tell you exactly what it was i just walked in and told them i wanted something to rid me of morning sickness and they came up trumps.........Good luck x
  13. Tell her to eat what she feels like eating - nature has a way of telling you what you need. And as for later down the line... the best advice I got from my midwife was write a birth plan and then put it in the bin :)

    Having said that, savour every moment (even the horrible ones) because they soon arrive and grow up.

    Best wishes for the sleepless nights ahead ;-)
  14. From what I'm told morning sickness is just the body's way of telling you that you're not getting what you want (not what you need). Lay in bed when you want, eat whatever sh*t you fancy whenever you want, just be a slob. Do not even attempt to give a flying f*ck about anything in particular whatsover. According to my missus this is the way forward. Unfortunately she lived.
  15. :thumleft: bland food may help the sickness dunno my missus missed the sickness thing

    she got the crazy itching thing ,pray to whoever that yours doesnt get it too. :frustrated:

    if she gets it try aveeno (think thats right) it an oatmeal based cream from boots , doesnt cure it but helps loads as the itch thing only goes when the baby leaves .

    thought that maybe handy later on ,if it helps good luck!