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  1. Morning all. I'm Mug-of-tea, and I'm looking for info on joining the SAS. I've been playing Call of Duty 4 for 6 months now and have unlocked 4th prestige mode and red camo for the MP5 so I'm pretty well-qualified...

    ....only joking. ;)

    Just thought I'd introduce myself here. I've been lurking about here for a month or so getting a feel for the site, and had my many questions answered by the lovely search button - which I am sure will please many of you. Thought I'd introduce myself.

    Always had an interest with the Army, and with engineering too. Worked in an office doing essentially monkey work for up-their-own-arse suits for 4 years, so I decided to put Army and engineering interests together. I'm going through the application process at the moment, had my BARB test on Tuesday and scored a cheeky 83 - not sure what that means, but I was assured it was good. Had a bit of a laugh doing the medical questionnaire after the BARB when I was asked if I'd had recent surgery and I told him that it involved my bits. Deadly silence, then next question. Looking at going into the RE as a sparky.

    Just waiting for Doc to send my medical stuff through and awaiting the interview stage. Any of you other folk looking at the RE?
  2. Have you thought about the CSE brigade ...

    as a comedian?
  3. Nope, that'd involve actually being funny. :wink:

    Why CSE, pray tell?

    EDIT: Never mind, just looked it up, turned out I confused CSE with something else...
  4. "Mornin'" at a minute to 12 hahahaa.. that was a good one.
  5. Good luck with your application to become a Sapper - but never forget that they'll make you into more than just a sparky! The RE gave me a great life for the time I was in and would recommend it highly to anyone serious about their career... All the best dude!

    Hurrah for the CRE!
  6. Yeah, definitely what I want. Cheers. I just read about the RE insight courses, so I'm going to get myself down on the June one for a bit of a taste.
  7. Yeah, that's the one I've just been having a look at. Going down to the AFCO after work today to get myself booked on it. Thanks.
  8. Hi there mug-of-tea ( love the name ;) )

    I'm also hoping to join as an RE Sparky, just at the interview stage before ADSC. Really want to get in as that but if i can't, for whatever reason, i'll still join the RE probably as an armoured engineer which looks brilliant but isn't really a trade for 'civvy street' is it :lol:
    Good luck anyway mate.
  9. If at the interview stages, I'm sure you'll be fine mate. Good luck to you too. 8)

    Just need to keep on improving my fitness. My running is good, I can do the jerry-can walk (or rather, I can do 200m at a steady pace carrying two 20kg dumbells... I'm guessing the jerry cans are going to be much harder to carry though). However, I can lift only about 35kg at the minute to 1.4m (or whatever the required height is) and can manage ONE - yes, you heard me - ONE, proper fully-extended heave. :oops:
  10. Wow thats terrible :eek:
    Focus on strength training first then move on to your running.
    Is'nt the required dynamic lift 55kg?
  11. I'm not sure it's a big deal so long as you can complete all the PFT requirements ^^
  12. I attended ADSC last week.

    I don't know if it is the same requirements for males as I'm a dorris, but I was the only one to get the max 55kg up and all on first attempts. I believe it is taken over all from all the phys tests. Certainly the Jerry cans and run must be passed to your required standard.
  13. 55KG? Some dorris you are 8O