Anyone else received one addressed to them by rank?

Also notice they are only interested in RAC, RA, Inf and REME/RE. I rang up about it and was told "The client is only really interested in those groups!"

So much for One Army.....
Yep see PERSEC - Wtf?

I think its been going on for several months, I remember a thread from a while ago.

Pity they ignored the rest of us, many of my answers were very related to the corps I serve in, I guess I'd have different views on training (for example) if I was in a different Combat Service SUpport Arm
Yes, one was waiting from me on Saturday morning. I wondered if there was a persec issue with the addressing of items by rank and surname. (not to mention the fact that my other half wishes I was a Lt. Col rather than a L/Cpl!)

To be honest, I haven't read it yet, so I'll be interested to see if any of the questions (based on the target group), relate to expectations of deployment relative to what you ended up doing.
I got one too on Saturday - extremely p'd off with the use of Rank on material sent to my home address.

It's a basic persec thing and it should never happen :evil:

I recieved a copy at the weekend. Was a little disapointed to see my rank on the address. :cry:

I would like to know which muppet oked that one. :evil:

I did start to fill in the form ready to send it back, but I seem to have come accross a discrepency in the numbering of the questions.

Mind you it was Sunday morning following the WO'S/Sgts mess Xmas Bash so things were a bit fuzzy round the edges. :wink:
Fill it in and send it back. Having been on the otherside of "stakeholder reviews" it's importnat to make your views heard in this manner - it makes a difference. And make sure you fill in the "other comments" bit - that'#s probably teh most useful of all.
got mine on saturday and yes it had my rank on it ! 8O
but tick the boxes no i dont do it for the money
and yes we should be paid more ! :D
I run an ACF det and my town council address letters to my as follows:

Lt ######,RTR
#### ACF
then my home address, wtf are they on bunch of cnuts!
Its okay mate. The amount of times them on her majestys service things were sent to my home address complete with rank name and last four. As long as your postman aint known as "Mark 16 Mick" then ur okayish. Bad drills though!
clanker said:
I run an ACF det and my town council address letters to my as follows:

Lt ######,RTR
#### ACF
then my home address, wtf are they on bunch of cnuts!
Write to the council and complain if it's happened more than once? Forgive me if I'm wrong but I don't think the leaders of a civilian organisation require as much in the way of personnel security as say soldiers? Especially senior one's depending on what access to material they have, or even ors depending on their trades - ie the only local tac might be an Int Corp regt.
The majority of the posts here are whining about something that has happened and cannot be undone. Either learn to live with it or move house.
Why not make the most of the opportunity that you've been given.

Someone said that the comments bit is the most important and to a large extent this is true. The originators of this poll have prepared and balanced the questions with some skill but only to answer specific questions that the client has put to them. The 'freeplay' bit at the end is your opportunity to have your say and my advice is don't waste it with emotive complaints about matters that are too far gone to be fixed.

I've sent mine back already with more than three lines of comment.
And how many of you have your entire Army Number on your bank statements , courtesy of Glasgow BACS?
Use the phone numbers on the bottom of the letter, I think some might already have let their views be known as now I only get through to an answer phone, and give them some shiite!


I sent mine back with a scathing letter indicating that they were not asking the right questions!

Sadly, having been in several boisterous/heated debates about "TA retention" beween TA on one side, and reg army/civil service/politicians on the other, I can see its quite clear that the MORI poll is skewed to produce an acceptable range of answers to those who commissioned it.
Agree with that. The questions themselves are clearly though out but don't get to the underlying issues. That is why the comments part is so important.


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Oooh, got mine this morning - I am saving it up until I in a really foul mood. Not long to wait, then...

Seriously, that it comes from the NAO makes me instantly suspicious, that and the user groups targetted. The NAO, in case you weren't aware, are the VFM 'experts' for the Government, and aren't noted for recommending anything that may involve extra expenditure. It would seem, therefore, that all the talk about improved Terms and Conditions for the TA are just that, talk. Can't say I'm surprised.
stickybomb said:
The majority of the posts here are whining about something that has happened and cannot be undone. Either learn to live with it or move house.
Why not just learn to stop mistakes like this happening? Its just wrong. PIRA, for example, were known to place people in BT to obtain addresses for ex-directory service personnel.

Letters from my TAC are sent with the return address ( ie unit ) stamped in nice clear letters on the back.

Thanks for that.
I received mine on Saturday as well. Apart from the per sec issue (which I commented on in no uncertain terms on the survey), they also said 'this poll finishes on the 16th Dec, however can we have it back in the next 2 weeks' which just happens to be the 16th December, does this mean that've had it waiting for ages and only now decided to send them out?

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