Moreprivately owned toll roads

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by chocolate_frog, Oct 8, 2012.

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  1. Good Idea, the UK's roads are shite! it will provide jobs for construction and greif whore hippies who wants so save the environment....the *****!
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  2. Fine, if they're privately owned. The problem will be when some bright spark, again, starts thinking it would be great to charge tolls on existing roads. Or if existing roads are allowed to get even worse than they are now because the private roads start eating up all the subsidies.
  3. The Minor roads in towns, A & B roads would be hard to toll, but motorways would be good, and it would be tax deductable, it would be good to then reduce prices for public transport.
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  4. How? Private firms, private road, private tolls = money NOT going on PUBLIC transport.

    You'd be amazed how easy it would be to toll your everymove if OmniCorps start buying your roads. They don't need to see every meter of your journey, but a camera on every junction would soon record your every move, passing a bill for road use at the end of month.
  5. Well that some infrastructure set up for Omnicorps! but thats not going to happen. Taxes from profits could be used for public transport costs.
  6. And car drivers and, even worse Lorry drivers would just avoid Motorways like the plague. Good move :)
  7. So the cunning plan is this:

    Privatise the UK's roads and allow foreign companies to run them and to extract the revenue and profits to be sent overseas?

    Genius Osborne, pure genius!:roll:
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  8. Not much for them to sell this time NHS, roads, fresh air and sea.
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  9. The Conservative Party - Corporate Ram Raiders ripping off UK Gov. PLC.
  10. This private road thing seems to work well for the M6 Toll . Oh hang on . . .

    M6 Toll makes a loss of £41 million in a year | Central - ITV News

    Edited to add . .

    Of course, they would say that, wouldn't they?
  11. Ban HGVs off the roads between 0700 and 1800. Motorway traffic will suddenly double in speed/throughput as you don't have hundreds of cars stuck behind two lorries overtaking each other at the speed of continental drift.
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  12. So nothing like New Labour with their wonderfully structured PFI deals..?
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  13. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    I think that the M6 Toll road is brilliant and I'd be quite happy if all motorways worked on "exactly" the same system!

    Why? Because I get free travel on it, well £15 for a pass for the life of the registered vehicle which is 3 years. So if any of you coffin dodging war pensioners and GIP receiving war heroes have got a motability car get in touch with the toll company and they'll send you a form out.