Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by gingwarr, Nov 9, 2005.

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  1. This is really last minute.

    Does anyone know where to get Morello polish for shoes in central london? I've tried quite a few places, but not many people have heard of it.

    Even somewhere that did 24hr delivery would be really useful.

    Many thanks,

  2. Thanks, but I really need it today or tomorrow so posatge is out of the question really.
  3. Who has mingin boots and the parade is only days away
  4. Do it properly you lazy git! :wink:

    Use 100% cotton cottonwool, Black and Brown parade gloss (used alternatly gives a deeper shine, last few coats should be black), boiled water (cold) sat in front of the telly, they will be gleaming in no time!

    Cheats never prosper!
  5. That would have been last week then LOLLOLLOLLOLPMSLROLFHARRIS!!!!

    Bell end.
  6. That's what I ended up doing.

    However, I ordered some off ebay, got it on Thursday and my parade boots look like mirrors.

    Ta muchly, Securit.
  7. There is a dry cleaners in Amesbury, Wiltshire that sells morello for about £6 its the only place i have found
  8. they might look good now but I bet in a few weeks your boots look rough as

    short term solution though
  9. When I've used morello in the past it's looked poo due to brush marks!!!!

    Anyone can tell you've used it!!!!!!!
  10. Never heard of morello, i take it its a type of boot polish. Can anyone brief me up?
  11. It's not a polish..... well wax anyway.....?

    It's a liquid that you "paint" on boot leaving an instant high gloss finish.

    As I said, I've always thought the brush marks left are a dead give away....

    Also heard people getting boots sprayed with aircraft nose cone paint?
  12. I have used Leather Luster in the past (no comments its legit) as used by the USMC.
    You do paint it on but no brush marks and lasts for ages.
    I use it on my work shoes last the duration of the shoe and all you use is furniture polish to shine them up. Scuffs re paint or take it all off with white spirit and start again!
    Brought up a pair of comfy Mess Wellies a treat when they were heading for the bin because the leather looked a bit jaded!
    Colours White, Black and Brown.

  13. Oh ok, thanks for the info fellas. I have seen quite a few people using Shape-up recently and it sounds quite like what you describe morello as.

    I've always stuck to the usual bullshit with Kiwi. But i might give one of these products a try.

  14. Thats because you are using it wrong.

    Put it on really thick, wait for it to dry, go round the welts with a matchstick to remove any runs and Robert is a relative.

    As for looking rough after a while, who cares just give them another coat.

    Easy stuff for when you can't be arrsed to do them "properly".