More4, Tonight, 10pm

This is on tonight, and looks good:

In 1988, 10 years after they arrived, the Soviet army began to pull out Afghanistan, having fought – and lost – an unwinnable war.

The 1988 documentary Afghantsi, by Peter Kosminsky, reveals the shocking impact of the 'Soviet Union's Vietnam' on ordinary Russian soldiers and their families. Serving troops and veterans recount the horror of the fighting and their indifferent treatment by the authorities once back home.

Afghantsi is a timely reminder that even Cold War superpowers can't win in Afghanistan.
Just watched this, I thought it was quite sombre viewing when you consider that if you just change the accents and uniforms not a lot seems to have changed.
The Russian Generals comments at the end were quite prophetic too.
Worth watching if you missed it.
Not sure what our chaps who have served there would think about it.

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