More worthwhile legslation from the Scottish Parliament.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by EX_STAB, Jun 24, 2007.

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    A licence for a fishing fly? The implications for this are beyond belief. Since when were deer "vulnerable animals"? If I go deerstalking and bring the antlers back with me am I going to have to get a licence? Will I need a licence for the meat?
    Is that a leather belt you're wearing Mr. ES? Looks like deer hide. If you cannot prove it's not subject to a licence requirement then I will have to confiscate it. I'll have that feather out of your cap too.

    How it brings Scotland into line with other European countries when it doesn't apply in England is beyond me.

    Anybody who thinks these muppets could run an independent Scotland must be barking mad!
  2. I can just see Johnny Hun and Joe the Eytalian taking off the Boarhound tusks(from their hats) and passing them over to the local carabineiri.

    Law passing is one thing, enforcement - a whole other ball game
  3. Anybody who thinks these muppets could run an independent Scotland must be barking mad!

    another waste of my tax money paying for this stupid debate :x ....Gits
  4. What? They have whaleskin sporrans in Jockistan? ;)
  5. Does that then mean that the Royals and their followers will not be killing deer etc when they venture north for their annual holidays?
  6. Well spotted, but the BBC's mention of deer seems to be careless reporting. Red deer are not "protected species" for nature conservation purposes.
  7. I've come in off in a quick afternoon session on the old fizzy alcoholic apple juice and seen this and realised I must have a drink problem! WTF! I'm off to the bar to finish myself off. Probably come back in time to see that wearing jeans is against stem cell research!

    I wish I'd voted now! :roll:
  8. What if you have a roadkill badger sporran...?
  9. One of those red deer sporrans would be a talking point though. At least you would have somewhere to hang your Bunnet and no loose it.

    The thing is the Badgers and otters used in sporran making are road kill any way, so if there is more hassle in volved in picking them up its more work for the council.
  10. The Road kill ones me and others are out the the RRS has new ones..the Badger ones are only worn now officers and Snco's who had their mess dress before the change of cap badge..this will only last for four years..and one is already gone....bugger it's going to cost another packet....wife will be chuft! :wink:
  11. Nice to see Scotland getting something back that their politicians have been doing to us English for years, your blinkin Parliament, not ours
  12. If the EU is successful there will be no point to a united UK as foreign policy,taxation and defense policy will all be made in Brussels, Already trash collection seems to be managed by EU rules and from what I read that is quite successful - not.
  13. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Going on the past record and number of decades of misrule by the Scottish National Arbeits Liarbour Party - how much time will you give the Scottish Nats? They Have only been in a few weeks - give them a break.
  14. It is over here in Germany, we have 4 bins; Paper, Plastic & Metal, biodegradable, and general rubbish (this bin being the smallest and least frequently collected).

    I can safely say, with a bit of effort by the individual it works a treat. However lot of people in the UK complain lots and act little.

    Such an outrage that an individual should be responsible for the rubbish he creates!

    Then again, it depands what toilet paper you believe :roll:
  15. Its not that...I work in Local Government(when not called up)...If anyone wants to be a politician should be banned the amount of scams and theft of public prop/Money is beyond anything i have imagined!

    This not confined to just Scotland....