More woe for Cyclops - John MacDougall MP dies

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by sandy_boots, Aug 13, 2008.

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  1. Just seen this on BBC news - waiting for a link.

    Scottish by-election in Sept/Oct - just what Gordon needs!!!
  2. I look forward to the almost certain defeat of liarbore in the next few months when this by-election is held.

    Enjoy it while you can,Cyclops-for within 2 years you will be history.

    Hopefully the Grim Reaper will be calling on more liarbore MPs in the near future.
  3. What?!?! No RIP messages?!?! What's wrong with this forum nowadays?? ;)
  4. It depends if there are any more heart attacks induced from having their snouts in the trough for too long.

  5. It'll be RIP Labour I'm sure!

    Condolences to MacDougall's friends and family naturally.
  6. The things Labour MPs will do to avoid standing at the net General Election! Are we sure he wasn't seen paddling off in a canoe or down the beach a la Reggie Perrin?

    IIRC Glenrothes is nowhere near as safe a Labour seat as Glasgow East used to be. Used to be. Mmmm, that's a delicious phrase. Let me just taste it again: It used to be a safe Labour seat.

  7. Maybe when this one goes, and it will, Cyclops will not just take it as a mid-term 'blip' and take it as it will have been intended....... very very personally as a scream for him to FCUK OFF!!
  8. The problem being that the only way you prise his grip from the leavers of power is by a vote of no confidence and I can't see that happening with the Liebour majority.

    Lets face it that vote of no confidence could be traded for a lucrative MEP seat, what would you do ?

  9. Indeed. So what we need is a Liarbor MP Dead Pool.

    Anybody know a handy source of the ages of MP's?

    60+ and male should be a good starting point. Obvious consumers of lard, deep fried mars bars and those overly fond of the bottle should tend to towards the top.
  10. I am looking forward to Brown watching his vote vapourise in the constituency that is right next door to his.

    Re vote of confidence, There are enough Labour MP's who can see that an election this year may return them to Westminster, albeit in opposition. Most of them know that in 2 years time their chances of being returned will be considerably diminished, maybe returned to Westminster, but probably as the 3rd party.

    If a confidence vote is tabled, there is a chance that some Labour MP's just may vote with the oppostion and get this god awful government out of office. Self preservation is a wonderful instinct, particularly when they may be permanently parted from the trough!
  11. elovabloke

    elovabloke LE Moderator

    Unlucky mate


    I presume he had a proper job in his early years and was exposed to asbestos then.
  12. I am sure that the John Lewis list will have suitable gifts on it for his fellow MPs to buy from to show their sympathy.
  13. RIP, old lefty politico.

    You will be sorely missed. By Cyclops.

    I think I have some asbestos in my eye...

    That good enough for you, Smudge67?