More wasted money?


from the link said:
Listen — I don’t know how we do this, but we’ve got to get ourselves involved in the public inquiry business as soon as possible. You want the perfect, fail-safe, exorbitantly overpaid sinecure — get yourself fixed up with a public inquiry job, somehow. You’ll never need to work again, and there will be no ramifications.

When the car firm MG Rover collapsed in 2005, we were all very clear that it was a consequence of the extraordinary greed of the piggy-eyed, disingenuous Phoenix consortium directors, allied to political opportunism and wishful thinking on the part of two useless Labour ministers, Stephen Byers and the truly scary Patricia Hewitt. I’d have told you that for nothing. I might even have paid you to let me tell you that, so patently obvious was it and so hugely did I dislike Byers and Hewitt.

But instead we had that thing, the public inquiry, headed by Guy Newey QC and a glorified accountant called Gervase MacGregor, which took four years and cost £16m to come to precisely the same conclusion. Just look at that sum again — £16m, or four million quid a year, to tell us what we already knew and to buy some time for the politicians directly implicated...
I am damned if I can understand why enquiries cost this much. £16million spent on investigating misapropriation of C £40million. All to come down to a wishy washy report with nobody held to be guilty. :scratch:

How can anyone believe that our economy is in good hands?
I dont think many people do.
StickyEnd said:

How can anyone believe that our economy is in good hands?
Because Mr. Mandelson tells 'Clown' Brown to tell us it is!

Hain, Harman, Hoon, Hodge and Hewitt - :puker: :pukel: :puker: :pukel: :puker:
What bugs me is that it would be easy to save money without reducing services.

Stop paying for translators.
Stop paying for expensive artwork.
Make government documents in English only.
Make everyone visiting have health insurance.
Chuck most Quangos.
Stop the legal aid.


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