More Walt Fun...but on the X-Box!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Vegetius, Mar 1, 2006.

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  1. I'll happily admit to occasionally playing the odd computer game. Usually nerdy empire-building games on my PC.

    This gem caught my eye in HMV on the X-Box and I wonder who'll be the first to admit that they've played it, after all you get in-game commentary on your performance from one of Them with a 70's porno 'tache! Quality.

    I thought I'd cherry pick some choice quotes!


    Double-tapping is something to do with modern dance, isn't it?

    Now they are taking the pish because even I know that he was the bloke from Gone With The Wind.

    I think an Ultimate Farce action game, where you have to hoard pies to fuel your tamagotchi Henno would be more fun, what feature would you put in your favourite walt-tastic video game?
  2. I would have to put in a feature where as soon as its game over, you get a book deal.
  3. Quality. You also have to have a rectangular piece of black cardboard blu-tacked to your face....forever.
  4. Option to customise characters webbing smock etc so you get the real warry look . Option to use fantasy weapons in realistic
    settings ie light sabres , predator chain guns , turning your wmik into a giant fighting robot :) .Instead of boring first aid kits have
    gingster pies and crates of stella .Have really over the top breifing scences .Missions invole hunting jornos down . Commiting war crimes etc .
  5. This has potential. It could be an ultra realistic military simulation about real soldiering.
    They shouldn't have done this about the gun club. 'The regiment' in question should be any big unit in a garrison town in deutchland or in Colchester/the shot/catterick circa 1989

    In depth training modes allow you to experience windmilling outside the world famous Cafe Vichting in Herford, where you can perfect the dark art of cleaning some bods claret out of your dessie wellies before the monkeys rock up and haul you in.

    Feel the tension of doing a track bash on Soltau, but once the recce mechs or Wolfie get deployed, it's all over.
  6. I think a late 80's B.A.O.R. computer game might work. Unlike the Chieftans.

    I'll get my coat.
  7. 1 A British based game, NOT US
    2 Ability to choose smock/webbing/ headdress
    3 Mix of campaign & single mission scenarios eg evacuating UK citizens from Liberia/Sierra Leone etc + Falklands type scenario + peacekeeping type scenario, to give a balanced choice
    4 Troops can only shoot what they can carry, no everlasting magazines
    5 Troops need to be fed etc
    6 Enemy bullets kill/wound REALISTICALLY (not just graphically but in the way they do in the real world)
    7 Ability to operate a "big picture" as well as tactical level, eg the commander has to factor in weather, ammo states, troops/ arty/ air/armour etc available when planning
    8 Commander chooses assets according to his evaluation of what's neede, but has to take consequences if he screws up & chooses poorly
    9 Internet playability

    That lot would make a good basis for a game I reckon. Shame is, it may be that a game that is too realistic would not get made as it would be too hard for most people.
  8. "OMG YOU SHOT ME!!!! YOU HAXOR!!!!" - the cry of the counterstriker
  9. You could skip levels by entering the password "biff chit" :lol:
  10. The games IGI and IGI 2 were quite atmospheric, and had a Brit (ex SAS natch) hero.

    There are some mods coming our for BF 2 very soon that add European vehicles etc, but the Special forces pack already has THEM in it.

    Frankly, the games where there is loads of planning and rehearsal are a bit beardy waltish. All a steely-eyed-dealer-of-death really wants to do on his day off from saving the World is to start shooting stuff, and in this respect, BF 2 is very good. It also has the (mostly) realistic ammo load problem sorted. You carry a normal load, then need to find a loggie to resupply you and a VM to unbreak your tank.

    And you get to drive an LSV (which I haven't done since the mid 90's - do we still have them?)
  11. IGI, IGI 2??????

    On Ghost Recon you can get a Brit mod where they use Brit uniforms and weapons.
  12. I won't play it until they develop a bezzering module (multiple players, obviously).
  13. Day Of defeat Anyday! Plus it run sweet on an old knackerd PC

    edit mong
  14. up-grade your PC and check out DoD (day of defeat) source, its the best of all the FPS.
  15. I like BF2 at the moment, after someone showed me that I started playing I play medic with my little L85 :lol: That SAS game looks intresting.