More Wal-Mart fun

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by jumpinjarhead, Jul 16, 2010.

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  1. Deleted-cant figure out how to post
  2. Thick fucking leatherneck.

  3. I take that as a compliment you know.
  4. There were a few I had not seen before but in any event I will strive to do better in future. Everyone can stand down for now--must be a slow Friday night in England.
  5. It's Friday night?
  6. according to my little computer pop-up thingie in the lower right corner--yet it is.
  7. ENGLAND! What about the rest of us in the U.K.?
  8. Bloody Navy mong
  9. Erm....Navy??????
  10. You were in the Marines were you not? I was in the Paras - I was in the Army. Don't deny your roots JJH :)

  11. Where to begin, where to begin. How much time do you have now?
  12. Well... Navy gate gaurds if you want to get technical... ;)

    All kidding aside... wandered into the local Walmart to pick up some stuff the wife requested and was quite disturbed to see "contains fruit concentrate from China" labled on the side of the "all natural" and "organic" generic brand of juice they had on the shelves. Yeah... made a second stop at our grocery store for my son's juice.
  13. Our Marines are a bit different from yours JJ. I had experience in Walmart last week on a visit to the Colonies. I needed a cheap phone/plan to ring home on. I went to Walmart and asked a question - feck me! Is it that easy to get a job in the U.S? Only thing you need to learn to say - "ERR I don't know"
  14. Alas, yet another indication of the "fall of the American 'empire.' " What is also "interesting" is to watch the obvious difficulty the clerks have if your transaction is a bit different whereby the buttons on their register (with the pictures of the items) or the code scanner will not finish the transaction. You will then notice a wisp of smoke from their ears as circuits blow under the stress of having to actually perform some complex mental exercise like simple addition. A sad commentary on our government schools that are now more interested today in brainwashing the students about the melting/freezing planet or the mean, evil businesses and bigoted tea party people getting in the way of His wonderful plans to take care of us all.