More Wacko

If those regts have ACF detachments that'll be what the freak is after :lol:

Maybe he's already done a few and taken their cap badges as some bizarre trophies 8O
I heard some passed-over Major bleating about how sacred the Warwicks Badge was/is on the Radio 4 PM show on Friday afternoon. I had to suppress a splutter when he mentioned Monty as a previous wearer - as only the other day I saw Peter Tatchell telling the world that Monty was a poof, and would probably enjoy swapping notes with Jacko.

You've got to feel a bit sorry for that other facelift freak close to our hearts: PoD (head of MoD) as his namesake can't be helping matters. I wonder if Hoon will make him apologise about it?


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Queensman said:

as only the other day I saw Peter Tatchell telling the world that Monty was a poof, and would probably enjoy swapping notes with Jacko.

I'd be dead chuffed if that slimy git Thatchell slithered off the face of the planet. Having said that, I can only support his view that Uncle Bob needs slotting.
Politics makes strange bedfellows...... er......I mean...... :oops:
Michael Jackson is a child molester and needs to go to prison. Plain and simple...
Mr Happy said:
Bollox, hes a stupid man acting like a boy. The US justice system is whats wrong.
Yes, the american legal system is to blame. Last time he was up on the same charges he hired the best lawyer and the only advice that this legal mastermind could come up with was to settle out of court for $15 million. That is a sign that he was guilty as charged but the system let him get away with it because he could afford it.

Up on the same charges again. Can't settle out of court this time because it's the Sheriff's office bringing the charges. He's going down and about time too.
Im afraid i agree with Mr_happy (assuming he is not being facetious! :D )

Jacko is just a deluded adult who has never grown up mentally and as such does not see the problem with 'hanging' with kids. I think his less than 'conventional' (aghh my afro's on fire!! :D ) childhood is to blame (aswell as his old man abusing him (and ripping the pish out of his "frank bruno" nose! :twisted: )

So, Mr Happy, let me get this straight:

Its ok for a grown man to have sex with underage boys???


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jacko should be offed ASAP so as not to further contaminate the gene pool.

Mr Happy

Phil306 said:
So, Mr Happy, let me get this straight:

Its ok for a grown man to have sex with underage boys???
Nope. Thats bad, and underage girls and all sorts of other badness as well. Its just well, since this is the biggest criminal case since last time he was up, and before that it was, if memory serves OJ and then Patty Hearst I cannot help but think this might be a political exercise (prosecutors etc being a political appointment, Sheriff too for that matter in the states).

I absolutely and honestly do not believe that Wacko acted in any kind of abusive penetrative way and rather was guilty of childish Drs and nurses at worst. The problem is more to do with US Neo Con's and a situation where the US allows right wing attitudes to guide its life.

As many brits will tell you from their European experiences, co-ed naked saunas are the standard, but in the US its swimming trunks and single sex. Drinking ages vary in Europe from 14 I think to 18, in the US its 21. Some places are dry still (Martha's vinyard where I'll be next month :cry: ) Europe often allows same sex marriages, in the US they are not. Age of consent is often 14+, in the US at 15 its mandatory rape.

I guess where I am going with this, is that the US is not a good moral guide and prosecutions where things 'arent truly known' and where people stand to make a lot of money/political favour I have severe doubts about. Not to mention that the actual reality of whether the result and punishment will fit the crime.

You also have to ask the question what parent not after a quick $15million would leave their kids at Neverland Ranch....

The reason I'm most against the prosecution is Human Nature however. Wacko is surrounded by security guards, servants, managers and so on and none of them I am sure would allow this to happen, sure in a Bond movie there's lots of bad guys waiting to kill the world or Silicon Valley or whatever but in reality groups like this don't come together. On the assumption that Wacko is the only guy being prosecuted then his staff just wouldn't allow the abuse of a child and therefore this wouldn't have happened. Its stupidity to think otherwise, but then, as I said, far too many jobs in the US are political - leaving out the Bush bashing for a bit...
I heard quite an amusing comment on the Fred MacAulay show - R. Scotland - this morning.

Whacko should have been asked straight off in court - "Have you had extensive plastic surgery and your skin bleached"? The reply would surely have been "No", thus establishing Jackson's total lack of credibility, instead of wasting $millions on pointless weeks in court.

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