More US Troops to The Stan

Apparently later today Obama will commit about 30,000 more US troops to Afghanistan. I don't know how many are there already but I should guess that adding that many others will take the number of US troops there way higher than ours. Unless the UK media is remiss in reporting casualties, it seems that we are taking a staggering number of casualties compared to almost zero on their part, so what are these 30,000 extra going to do? Sit around and get a nice suntan????
The Yanks have suffered over 756 dead and over 2000 wounded in Afghanistan since 2003, so they are hardly sitting on their arrses doing nothing. Also the 34,000 troops are going to in Helmand by the looks of it which will be 3 times our commitment to Afghanistan already there.
Thanks for clarifying Stilly. If they are going to Helmand hopefully that'll take alot of pressure off our lads. Cynically, that may be the reduce our casualties so that public opinion about us getting out of the nonsense starts to melt away.

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