More Trouble for BAE

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by AndyPipkin, Apr 18, 2008.

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  1. What kit does Typhoon have that contravenes the US rules on technology?
  2. Sven, plenty but that's as much as an answer you should get on an open forum.
  3. It works :D Yet another example of our biggest allies dicking us when it comes to manufacturing anything in this country. Wonder how the F35 Joint Strike Fighter will work out :roll:
  4. Is this just the US trying to control the sale of arms worldwide, or are they scared that the Saudi's may try and use the Typhoons against Israel in the future. Not that the US support Israel in many facets including the supply of arms of course...........

    If the US were clever they'd sell the same technology to Israel in order to redress the weapons development status quo, unless the Israelis would only sign arms contracts with the US if they promised to only sell second rate out of date technology to other middle eastern powers and BAE have compromised their position.

    The ironic thing is why US technology is in the plane? Surely the joint european effort could have degined and developed their own kit.......don't tell me that procurement of techonology was bought 'off the shelf' people have been trying to suggest with other kit for such a long time.
  5. They were too lazy to use their F15's against anyone, then again they were too lazy to maintain them, so mcdonald douglas had a nice little earner stripping down the airframes and rebuilding them for megabucks. The cheapest option the saudis have ever used is someone else's airliners into towerblocks. oh oh just opened it up to the tin foil brigade :(
  6. If the Eurofighter/Typhoon contains US equipment,this raises 2 points,

    1 Europe probably does not have an independent technology base from which fighter jets can be developed.As the Eurofighter/Typhoon was conceived in around 1985,there has been ample time for this aeroplane to be 100% European in design.

    As an afterthought,does anyone know if the French Rafale also contains US technology?

    2 If US approval is required for every third party sale,which is highly likely,this can be witheld whenever the Eurofighter/Typhoon is in competition with a US designed and built aeroplane,or a sale is proposed to a country the Americans raise objections to.

    Hardly bodes well for sucessful sales of this aeroplane.
  7. No it doesn't, not a screw! All home grown
  8. Well that's like saying because their are Non US part's in their jet's/tanks/ship's/ect they couldn't build their own either

    Of course that's also the "special relationship" in a nutshell for you...... :x
  9. Not much! Even Airbus has to go to the US goverment to sell some of it's planes to some countrys! and even the french selling the Rafale would have to go to the US goverment for the ok because it got parts made in the US from a company called Data Device Corporation just one of many!

    Just the journalist scum milking a story!

  10. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    Agree if for the same reasons we are having in its introduction - is it even the right ac for the job we need it for? Is it a good enough all-rounder? I still say no.

    In regard to tech advancement, you ain't going to see UK/Euro invention keeping ground with the US - there simply isn't the money going in to R&D from HMG and others to manage it. And sorry but DSTL simply doesn't cut it anymore. The only way to match up against the US is for a Euro R&D programme. (now there opens a door for the ranters :D )

    Trouble is - is there even a big enough market to sell whatever ttype of innovation that organisation would come with? Doubt it.

    ITAR is and will always be a big issue.

    Just as a laugh - with Libya back in the good books, I think you will find there is less issue in importing kit there than there is to our good friends in the middle east. It is an expanding market. State Dept has the heebie-jeebies everytime there is an export licence required but it realises there is no longer any way of stopping industry as the Administration says it can't. Farse, eh?
  11. Doesn't matter; it would cost more in contract cancellation penalty payouts to cancel now than to continue with the contracts as-is and lob the airframes straight into mothballs.
  12. maninblack

    maninblack LE Book Reviewer

    This (ITAR) is exactly why even General Dynamics are demanding zero US content in all non US developed products such as FRES.
  13. While the US has the potential to cause mischief if they really wanted to, this doesn't happen often as they realise the longer term damage it would cause their own efforts. A lot of the kit the US build and export has EU components in and IIRC they need our approval to export it - this really does work both ways you know.
  14. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    The instances are few and far between, Jim.