More Troops to Iraq

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by polyglory, Jan 8, 2005.

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  1. A different, but interesting, story just published by the Sunday Times:

    full story at,,2089-1431471,00.html
  2. Hackle ,

    A black hole comes to mind, hope I am wrong :cry:
  3. That quote never came from a soldier.

    Supporting the police, absolutely, but "a local bobby on the street"? BOLLOX

    This kind of spin does our cause no good at all.
  4. So let me get this straight. The benefit of the peace process in NI was a reduction of troops required to carry out that commitment. Now what do you do with the best part of 10000 troops..... Oh.

    Do you know, I think I have got into the decision cycle of TCH. Its a bad place.
  5. Try not to get into his OODA loop. 8O
  6. :oops: Ah so that is how you spell it :oops:
  7. Observation, Orientation, Decision, Action

    Just proving I can still spell, Joker, at the same time as being in NAAFI chat :wink:
  8. I didn't realise the 'W' and 'C' keys were so close together :roll:

    Time to get on the blower to Taher Habbush and ask him if he wants to set up his old teams again.

    Unpalatable I know , but is there really another choice? We have to hit the ground running fast in the run up and aftermath of the elections, and we will need some proper , connected bad b*stards on our team.
  9. "Run story up Flagpole" and"See who salutes it" are the phrases that come to mind when I see "b]according to senior Washington officials".[/b]
  10. If the country has 14 stable provinces and 4 that arent, it would make sense to move forces out of the stable areas into indian country in an effort to stamp out the insurgency.

  12. It's quite simple really.

    Northern Ireland = NI.
    Northern Iraq = NI.

    A mere shift of 10,000 troops!
  13. Why are we reducing numbers in NI? When according to a Green hatted mate who has just been posted in, it is still rather busy 'over the water'.
    Then again, I'm just a simple JO with a blue suit who should no better than to ask questions :?
  14. Call me a cynic if you will,
    but i'm getting a distinctly Scottish feel for our current flavour of troops in theatre,
    Just departed Black Watch
    Here currently IBn Scots Guards
    Now R.H.F. to come as well
    Funny how all these troops suddenly become available..........
    BLIAR and TCH aren't trying to empty our northern voting areas come election time ????
    Do they fear a backlash ??????