More troops to Afghanistan.

From The Times. At last they appear to be taking it seriously, only 7 years late.

The head of the Army is ready to send up to 2,000 extra troops to Afghanistan amid fears that the US-led mission will struggle without significant reinforcements.

General Sir Richard Dannatt told The Times yesterday that elements of 12 Mechanised Brigade — which had been training for deployment to Iraq but were later stood down — had been “earmarked for Afghanistan”.

Downing Street is involved in discussions about a surge. An increase of about 2,000 would take Britain’s troop strength to 10,000. Any decision would require Cabinet approval.

President Obama will announce today an extra 17,000 US troops and a big rise in civilian officials as part of his new strategy in Afghanistan. He will also announce a plan to double the size of the Afghan National Army, with US units training more recruits, and increased aid to fight militants in neighbouring Pakistan.
I think we do have the man power to put into theatre, especially with the drawing down of Iraq.

However it'll probably come with a sacrifice elsewhere, lads not quite getting their 18 months between tours most likely.
So they will be 2,000 of the troops that the politicians promised wouldn't be re-deployed from Iraq then.

Is there anything this lying bunch of cnuts can be trusted on?

Everyone knew that more troops were needed and would have to be deployed, but Milliband Broone and co kept denying there was any plan to do so. No-one doubts the need for more troops and kit, but we are not established or funded to support this level of operation. A major review and increase in funding is needed if we are to continue punching above our weight.

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