More troops may be sent to Afghanistan, hints Des Browne

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Skynet, Aug 7, 2008.

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  1. More troops may be sent to Afghanistan, hints Des Browne

    More troops may be sent to Afghanistan to help fight the Taliban, the Defence Secretary has hinted.

    By Thomas Harding, Defence Correspondent
    Last Updated: 7:39PM BST 07 Aug 2008

    Military chiefs have been in discussion to almost double troop numbers in Afghanistan, the Daily Telegraph understands. Senior military officers have held preliminary talks about troop strenght and believe increasing numbers up to approximately 14,000 from the current 8,200 may be necessary to defeat the Taliban.

    During a trip to the frontline in Helmand province yesterday Des Browne said he already agreed on three occasions to military requests for increases. Mr Browne, who is the first senior politician to visit the volatile front line in Sangin town where 10 British troops have been killed since June, said British forces were making progress in Afghanistan, but acknowledged it had come at a "high price".
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  2. Cool so are we doing 6 on 6 off now?
  3. I'll sign out my dezzies, Des.

    You Tw@t!
  4. You can have mine. We will need to share if we get an increase that big.
  5. guess there goes next years summer holiday..wife will be pleased...

    not keep your dezzies from last time? LOL
  6. Thank God we're not overstretched! 8O :roll:
  7. This is f*cking madness. Even as a civvy with zero military experience I can see how flawed this.

    He said: "The force level that we have in Afghanistan is one that was placed there on advice to do the job that we want it to do.

    "And I have, twice or three times now, increased that force level. I am willing to do that if that's the military advice."

    He denied that the force in Iraq would be reduced in order to release numbers for Afghanistan. "We are not doing that to release additional troops to Afghanistan," he told BBC Radio 4
  8. Excellent - the joys of modern conflict.
  9. You mean you're not already? Lucky you.....
  10. did he also confirm that they will double the number of helos in afg, after first bringing number up to the level required for those currently deployed?

    edited for clarity.
  11. Why do we get issued Green combats? Surely by now we should be issued dessies in basic, and then issued green combats for when we need them.

    It would save a fortune!
  12. How can they manage this without bringing back conscription ?? Or are they subcontracting it out. Does Des not actually know the manpower levels ??
  13. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    I think it's already been mentioned in the past - he'll soon suggest that the septics do longer tours, so why can't we.
  14. The septics also have a much higher level og physiological problems stemming from such long tours.
  15. Anyone who thought that British troop withdrawal from Iraq by June next year would ease up the workload is sadly misguided. I doubt anyone in the British Army expected things to ease up anyway.

    Should be fun in Afg, 14,000 troops and a couple of chinners to fly people around in.

    Happy days

    BTW how many troops did Russia have in Afg in order to defeat Muj?