More troops for Iraq


Apparently, TCH has announced that he is ready to send more troops to places sandy for the January elections.

Isn't there some form of temporal paradox theory that means that you can't meet yourself flying in from Iraq at BZZ whilst you are flying out to Iraq, or has QinetiQ found a way around this problem?

Or are we going to have to accept that the days of tours as short (!) as six months are a thing of the past?


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I didn't really want to have to spend the whole 5 months back in the UK between this tour and the next... Honest!
"Britain is prepared to send more troops to Iraq if necessary..."

From where?

The rest of the TA? Anyone still training? ACF? The Scouts? Boys Brigade?

Chelsea pensioners?

Surely there can't be that many soldiers left kicking-about and those that are, surely they're having a hard-earned break from action?

British soldiers are excellent, maybe the best, but they aren't as plentiful as may be more useful. Fair trade though, better a little wheat than a shedload of chaff I'm sure.

At this rate we're gonna be on first name terms with the movers at Brize. Not as if it's hard to forget their names as most are called c**t :evil:

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