More troops for Afghanistan

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Recce19, Feb 23, 2007.

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  1. Now here's a surprise, coming the day after confirmation of a reduction of troop numbers in SandPit 1 (scarily similar numbers):,,30000-1252891,00.html

    Now that's how you cure overstretch :evil:
  2. Please don't tell me you didn't see this coming...

    US reduce troops in Southern Stan and sent 20,000 towards eye-rack.

    The UK reduce troops in eye-rack and send them to Germany to do Optag (Afghan course)

    It didn't take the brains of a US President to work that one out.
  3. Trust me, this was a no-brainer. Not that I am an old-seasoned cynic.
  4. So which units that were due to go on the next TELIC will now be flicked to HERRICK? After the units that were comfirmed for TELIC there don't seem to be many left over - all looks like smoke and mirrors to me. Perhaps the extra commitment will be some kind of theatre reserve.........
  5. It doesn't mean that the next Telic Units will become Herrick units. It just means that when it comes to the point were Herrick needs the next Battlegroup to take over President Blair has another one to play with.

    It also means that the PWRR may actually get to spend more than twenty five minutes in a civilised country.

    (Yeah Germany)
  6. Joined up Government?

    Bliar tries to get Brownie points (no pun intended Gordon), announcing withdrawals from Iraq.

    Then its decided more troops are needed in AfStan.

    Why not simply move some from one theatre to the other?
  7. Oh right - so all the press have got it wrong then? When they talk about 1000 extra troops needed to stop the Taleban Spring Offensive (Spring being March/April time i assume?) and Bliar talks about 1600 being withdrawn by May (which by definition would be Troops training now for the next Telic - ie 1600 who will not now deploy) - don't you see any connection there?
  8. Well considering Telic is keeping Armoured and Mech units busy and Herrick is making the light regiments earn their wages then it would seem silly to retrain an Armoured Peace Support Battlegroup so that they can do a Light role Conventional Warfare tour. Your more likely to see the light role Bn's from the new Super Duper Regts getting some "Trigger time in the stan"

    Although i have been wrong that one time years ago