More transgender nonsense

..under the DDA?
It's covered from various ways. The end choice is the service user and I have seen instances where the worker is perfect for the role and nice enough but the service user "just does not like them". The applicant can try and sue all they like, if you are not liked you are not liked.
I get on well enough with a wide range of service users but some don't like me, personally I don't like them so someone else works with them. It's life.
There is a guy from Scotland that has issues should we say but goes for jobs he is not suited for then trys to sue. I think currently he is listed as a serial plantiff and now f*cked off to high port by various legal channels.
boy that cried wolf and al that.
When Transgender, Transsexual, and Gender Neutral meet.

So, according to the 'progressives', aka, the PC Brigade, a person who has had the surgery has the right to be called Ms, Mrs, or Mister. A Transsexual also has the right to be called Ms, Mrs, or Mister, but the progressives are demanding that the terms, he, she, Miss, Mister, and Master, be dropped for our own sons and daughters at school and at home, and gender neutral clothing to be worn.

So, whereas Heterosexuals should be called 'It', you can one day standby for a lawsuit or handcuffs for describing a Transsexual or a Transgender in the same fashion.

What a brave new world the Left has planned.

We are truly approaching the tilt point.
F ucking hell, are we still luridly fascinated by Trans, 64 pages later? Look, on the upside you get to wear a dress, and you have wigs too. That means half you c unts will have hair again, what's not to like?

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