more training...

im rejoining ta after 3 yrs, i'm enjoy the gym and like goin on a good run, hate tarmac and the pavements, prefer cross country routes and that.

i dont have loads of time during the week, im spendin 1 1/2 hours per week in the gym i do this 6 days per weeknd, and split my 6 days in two

day one legs,
days two arms,
day three back, before repeating this again.

i do 20 min cardio, tread mill 4km, bike and rowing on each visit

im then going on a longer run on the weekend, before going to the gym later.

im hoping to run the 'P' COMPANY CHALLENGE next september hence the tag below. ive got their training program and would be interested if you think i should:

get out the gym more than once a week
ditch my current training plan all toether
or go with the paras 10 week program as on their website
or somethin else?
HAHA! i done the last para 10 event. was a day after a company exercise i saw it in soldier magazine n went and i chose the 1 with kit and military boots n weight etc, and i passed with 14 minutes to spare, was good fun mate hard as hell but good fun you will enjoy it. theres a good sense of achievement. and as for fitness id stick with your own methods so if you start finding it boring you can adapt and overcome by changing the routine, i find it alot better doing my own fitness because wen im on my own i always push myself that little bit harder i dont know why. best of luck anyway mate.
speedybham said:
day one legs,
days two arms,
day three back, before repeating this again.
You know those two, flat muscles that are in front of you when you look down?

I hear those are important.

Although i do applaud you for including your wheels in your training, even if you have donated an entire day's training to your arms.

I'd ditch your current training and ignore the gym altogether for a bit. Build muscular endurance with your body weight, it's rare that you'll be tested on your strength in a gym, it's far easier just to have you do some press ups.

Concentrate on press ups, pull ups (overhand), chin ups (underhand), sit ups, and a tonne of running. If you fancy doing something different for the weekend, load up a rucksack with some weighty kit and go hill walking. Wouldn't recommend that after a leg day at the gym though!
If you want to do the P Coy thing then at some point you will have to run.
My fittest was when I ran 3 days and did gym 3 days (Chest one day, back shoulders, arms and lots of abs. -though abs every day). Run one 5 miler, one 7-8 miler, one 10(+) miler. And did half-marathons with that regime.
Still try to get up to that level again but time and work don't help.

Gave me a very good overall fitness, neither gym-body heavy nor runner thin.

Good luck
would seem the order for the day is runin runin runin and abit more runin, as far as this 'P Company Challenge' goes im not interested in any other time that 1hr 50min or less. :x

i came across the p company challenge a few weeks ago, the main reason for the training was for me rejoin the TA early next year.

I find i can run and run and the only thing that slows me down after a few miles is a pain in the inner part of my knee, i know i need to build up my quad muscles to take the weight off my knee abit. My previous trainers didn't help and now i've got some new kit and have changed my runnin style after someone suggested and i'm starting to see an improvement.

Someone suggested swimming recently and i saw it in the paras training program, went swimming the other day and was surprised how much it took out of me for the hour that i was there.

Cant help but go to the gym, it's 30 seconds round the corner from my house (no run to the gym required) :D

thanks for the reply guys

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