More Tory 'aspirational' employment policies - Changes to CS this time

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by sunnoficarus, Oct 10, 2012.

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  1. I see nothing in the link to get on any outrage bus, union funded or otherwise. If anything I think it is a mature approach to get departments looking at their cost effectiveness and ensuring their are jobs are safer than would otherwise be the case.

    Scarey story over nothing IMO.
  2. Civil service types required to adopt conditions that the majority of working people in the country regard as normal.

    Must be a slow day at the Guardian.
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  3. I'm up for that - you going to remove the false limit on the upper end of my putative wage scale, include some pretty nice deals on my 'package' including removing the bollocks I have to get thru to get from A to B and generally treat me like a grown up? Oh no, thought not.

  4. Non contributory pension schemes? Private Health Insurance? Dental Plans? Pay rises? Paid overtime?

    Sounds great, where do I sign?

    Lets have a look at say, Tesco?

    Share our Success
    At Tesco, we like to ensure our staff are cared for financially. So whether you have been with us 3 months or 3 years we run three successful share schemes, all helping you end up with more cash in your pocket.

    Shares in Success

    So, to thank our people for the success they've brought the business, we give free shares to everyone who's worked here for one year at the end of the financial year (February). We share a proportion of our profit amongst our staff, based on salaries. These Tesco shares are held in trust for 5 years, and after that you can take them, tax-free.

    Save As You Earn

    Every October those people who've been here a year get the option to save up to £50 every 4 weeks for either 3 or 5 years and receive a tax-free bonus at the end. You can use your savings and bonus to buy Tesco shares at up to 20% less than the market price, or take the cash.

    Buy As You Earn

    After three months working with us you'll have the chance to join the BAYE scheme. You buy shares at the market price every 4 weeks, saving tax and National Insurance on the salary you use to do this. You can start, stop or change the amount you invest at any time. And if you keep the shares in trust for 5 years you'll get even more tax advantages.

    Staff Privilegecard
    To reward you for your loyalty, after a year working at Tesco you will be given your Privilegecard - the staff loyalty card that gives you 10% discount and Clubcard points on most Tesco products.

    And eligible staff also have access to exclusive staff discounts with Tesco Personal Finance and Tesco Telecoms.

    We look after your future too

    None of us know what the future holds, but you can be sure that peace of mind and financial security for our staff is very important to us. Planning ahead to your retirement is easy with our award winning, Tesco pension scheme.

    With a Tesco pension you are able to understand how financially secure you will be when you decide to retire. As well as pension provision you have access to a life assurance scheme that will provide financial protection for your family.

    Your leisure time
    Our staff work hard, so we believe they should be able to make the most of their leisure time. To help with this we have negotiated discounts and special offers that are available exclusively to Tesco staff.

    There are discounts on theme parks, holidays and gym membership that are available all year round. There are also special offers throughout the year, to make sure there's always something for everyone.

    Protecting your health
    To ensure that staying fit and healthy doesn't cost our people an arm and a leg, we have some great discounts with top healthcare companies. We offer exclusive discounted rates for staff on health cash plans, dental cover and private medical insurance, to help take the burn out of healthcare costs.

    Supporting your lifestyle
    We recognise that Tesco staff have busy lives outside of the workplace, so we've introduced a range of policies that will help you find a better balance between your work life and home life.

    From saving money with childcare vouchers to taking time off work for a career break or extended holiday, at Tesco there are a variety of options available to support your lifestyle.
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  5. Plus all those days of sick leave without actually being sick?
  6. That could be summarised as "why not give a big chunk of your wages straight back to your employer?".
  7. OK, explain the 'restoring efficiency' proceedure to me.
  8. Isn't it about getting value for money? I am pretty sure that the government will look at all sorts of measures to save, and making efficient use of the resources, which includes labour, is one of them. The only reason some in the public sector are bleating about this is that they do get a good deal, and recognise that if they get treated like every one else then the gravy train is going to stop. Part of me says that I don't blame them, but then everyone has to be realistic and the money is not there.

    Please notice I said 'some', not 'all', to save the one person who works for the public sector who does a 40+ hour week actually working and gets a month off a year from having a go.
  9. During my time with MoD(35 years),I had one days uncertified sick leave.For this I had an interview(negative buicuits or coffee)and received a formal written warning for excessive uncertified sickness.How does this compare with the great outside or even the Armed Services?
  10. The Armed Forces don't have uncertified sick days - if you're sick you get yourself to the Med Centre so the doctor can say you're sick enough to go back to bed.
  11. Well, a friend of mine works in HR on a CS project to deliver training. The team is across Falkirk, Leeds, Newcastle, Portsmouth and London so they get to spend days stuck on trains and in hotels visiting teams. Everyt working day they have a meeting at 0830hrs to dicuss the days work. At 1730hrs they have a meeting to discuss what they're going to discuss at the next 0830hrs meeting.

    So hyper efficent I think the private sector should copy them.....
  12. Sounds like a good idea - allows for everyone to move forward for the day with a consolidated view, and for a summary to take place and allow them some prep time for tomorrow morning if required.

    Or does the private sector not do planning?
  13. Not quite that sort of preplanning meetings........More a sort of rehearsal. And the morning meeting goes into serious technical detail that about 4 people understand out of 12

    And private project contracts tend not to meet daily unless absolutely necessary as the amount of forward you can do in a day is limited. Reporting at a morning meeting that Task C will be completed when the patch is released by the software maker next year is pretty f**king pointless and a waste of expensive staff's time